How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

Follow our advice to save a good handful of euros on your home's electricity bill

Let's see how to save on your electricity bill, so that we can save us a good amount of euros at the end of each month with the electricity bill. And week after week, the average price of electricity reaches all-time highs, leading to really high electricity bills, especially when we use more electricity at certain times of the day. Therefore, we offer you a series of tricks and tips so that you try to save as much as possible on your electricity bill, counteracting as much as possible the high kWh prices in Spain. Do not miss how to save money on your electricity bill with our recommendations.

Applications and tricks to save on your electricity bill

How to save money on your electricity bill

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Reduce contracted power

We start with the most basic advice that can make a difference in saving on your electricity bill. And the more power contracted, the higher the energy bill will be that arrives at our home every month. That is why it is advisable to review what power we have contracted to try to reduce it and thus pay less at the end of the month; and according to the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the majority of users have more contracted power than they need, thus increasing the cost of electricity without any need. This is why we encourage you to review the contracted power as long as it does not affect the daily consumption of our home; Adjusting this parameter can save us a good handful of euros on each new electricity bill.

Each consumer may modify the contracted power on two occasions between June 2, 2021 and May 31, 2022, at most. once a year with a cost of approximately 10 euros. On the other hand, to increase the contracted power you have to pay more than 60 euros for each kWh; Be careful with this.

Hire two different powers

Nowadays it is also possible hire two different powers, which will be billed based on two schedules. Thus, the off-peak power, the cheapest, is from 24 hours at night to 8 in the morning, in addition to all weekends and national holidays. On the other hand, the peak power, the most expensive, is from 8 in the morning to 24 hours at night. So much so, that the price for contracted power during off-peak hours is up to 95% lower than during the most expensive schedule.

Thus, it is advisable to hire a lower power for the most expensive hours and a higher power for the cheaper hours. Thus, if you use appliances such as the washing machine, the oven or charging devices or even electric cars during the weekend, you will save money due to a lower price of electricity along with more economical power.

Change company with the CNMC

Currently, all electricity bills carry a QR code linked to the Comparator of Energy Offers of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), as long as they have contracted power less than 15 kW. Through this link, users will be able to directly access the CNMC's electricity and gas price comparator, in order to compare the different market offers and decide which company best suits the needs and economy of each one.

How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

Consume in the cheapest time slots

Obviously, this is the most obvious advice, although it cannot always be followed. And each user has their own needs, habits and schedules, so it is not always easy to adapt to off-peak hours with the cheapest electricity price. Even so, the different price ranges aim to distribute the use of appliances so as not to overload the network. For example, it is about moving the use of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or accumulators to times of less electrical demand, such as at night.

How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

The same applies to electric vehicles, which can be charged at night for hours at a lower electricity price, either at home or through a second supply point with 0 kW of peak power contracted. In addition to encouraging the consumption of electricity against the consumption of energy from fossil fuels, betting on a global low emission consumption.

With all this data on the table, we recommend consume electricity in off-peak time slots cheaper, either at night or during weekends and holidays, allowing us to save a few euros on the next bill.

Check your appliances

Beyond opting for cheaper electricity consumption ranges, it is also advisable to review our appliances and lead a lifestyle energy smarter. For example, it is highly recommended to have low consumption electrical equipment with category label A+++ to A+, which are the ones with the lowest consumption; In this sense, investing in new appliances in exchange for old ones will have a notable impact on the electricity bill. The use of LED bulbs or the use of dark mode on devices it can also mean a small saving at the end of the month.

Be careful with the famous mode stand by of appliances, which remain with the little red light to be ready when you turn them on again. If you have any device plugged into stand by but you don't use it often, disconnect it from the grid to save some energy. On the other hand, the eco or smart modes The most modern appliances can save us some money on our electricity bill thanks to lower consumption.

How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

Some habits with such important appliances as the washing machine or refrigerator can also be decisive for lower consumption. Thus, the washings of the washing machine they must be from full load to save on the number of times you use the washing machine throughout the week. Also make sure you have the front door fridge open for as short a time as possible and make sure it stays always well closed.

Perform minimal maintenance on your appliances to optimize their operation, cleaning ventilation tracts or holes that can accumulate dust and dirt and negatively affect its performance, increasing its consumption. Lastly, the electricity consumption meters They can give us information about the consumption of our appliances in real time, discovering which appliance is the one that triggers consumption at the end of the month.

Install self-consumption equipment

Finally, aid programs are currently offered to finance self-consumption installations in homes with the aim of reducing the price of the electricity bill, betting on a renewable energy system. For example, the installation of solar panels It can translate into savings of up to 50% on the electricity bill, with an investment of about 4,000 euros in 10 modules, payable in about 8 years. Furthermore, the tax advantages for installing this type of plates may involve deductions in personal income tax, a reduction in IBI in some municipalities or up to 95% in the tax on constructions, installations and works.

How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

Now you know the most useful tips and tricks to save a few euros on the electricity bill. Don't hesitate to apply them to reduce an increasingly high electricity bill!

How to save on your electricity bill: tricks and solutions

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