The best 69 spicy and funniest "never have I ever" questions (+18)

Never Have I Ever Hot (Updated 2024). The largest collection of questions to play never before and amaze with your friends.

Well, well, well... looks like you've exhausted all the tame questions for "Never Have I Ever". Let's get this party started with some provocative, playful questions that are sure to get the temperature rising... and who knows what else! 😜

Before starting we must know that there are two ways to play “Never Have I Ever"The first is the one that most of you probably know in which you have to take a shot with each question and the second is totally without alcohol.

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Rules for playing “Never Have I Ever”

The best way to play this game is to sit in a circle so you can all look at each other's faces and know who is lying, laugh and have a good time.

Mode WITH alcohol:

In the drinking game, the winner is whoever drinks the fewest shots or drinks of the chosen drink: beer, combined with alcohol, etc... Although the ultimate goal is to laugh at the things that are discovered about the playing partners when they are already a little sparky.

The oldest player begins by making the statements.

For example, they ask you “I have never kissed my best friend.”

Whoever has done it, drinks a shot.

However, if no one has done so, then the player who has made the statement is the one who has to drink now.

Remember, drink in moderation, it is your responsibility.

Non-alcoholic mode:

In this game mode you will all start with 10, 20 or 30 points, it depends on how long you want it to be and when they ask you something that you did do, you should lose a point.

The oldest player starts, and then the next ones to his left ask questions. There is a variant with a bottle in the center that is rotated and whoever points, gets to ask the question.

However, if no one loses a point, then whoever made the statement is the one who loses the point.

The last person to keep points wins.

There are several types of questions for the game I never never, from the I never ever sauce, to me never ever hot, and the never ever funny me.

"Never Have I Ever" hot questions (+18) 🔥

This is the version of “never have I ever” extreme for the most daring or for those who want to know more about the person they want to date. In it i never ever hot You can get a lot of useful information about the person you want to have a good time with, you can even get to know your friends much better. They are questions committed, only suitable for adults.

These are the most challenging questions of the “I never hand":

  1. I have never had sex with anyone without knowing him
  2. I have never had sex with someone from Tinder
  3. I have never said beautiful things just to have sex
  4. I have never practiced oral sex in a place forbidden
  5. I have never practiced anal sex
  6. I never made a trio
  7. I have never gotten so drunk that I made a craziness
  8. I have never been caught masturbating
  9. I have never kissed to someone of the same sex
  10. I never had sex with anyone of mine same sex
  11. I have never lying down with someone of the same sex
  12. I have never slept with myself best friend
  13. I never kissed anyone without knowing him
  14. I never did anything sexual in the Institute
  15. I have never sent naked photos to a friend
  16. I never made a oral to someone of the same sex
  17. I never I have fallen in love from someone after sleeping with him several times
  18. I have never handcuffed to the bed
  19. I have never liked them sex toys
  20. I have never liked him bdsm
  21. I have never liked get dressed of the opposite sex
  22. I have never fallen in love with brother/a of a friend
  23. I have never flirted with anyone more than 10 years older that I
  24. I have never been a friend with right to touch
  25. I have never been playful with cream
  26. I have never dated more than one person at once
  27. I have never seen another person naked in person
  28. I have never been in one adult store
  29. I have never seen one movie because I knew I had nudes
  30. I have never played strip poker
  31. I have never taken a look at anyone in the shower
  32. I have never had a dream with someone I like
  33. I have never fallen in love with a teacher
  34. I have never done friend of an ex
  35. I have never had one injury in the bedroom
  36. I have never fantasized about someone further
  37. I've never done videos off-color
  38. I have never caught a family masturbating
  39. I have never caught a familiar having sex
  40. I have never done it in the beach
  41. I have never done it in the fitting room of a store
  42. I have never experimented with articles of the home during sex
  43. I have never expected my partner to be more open in terms of sex
  44. I have never slept with my partner just because she wanted it
  45. I have never had a date just to do damage to another person
  46. I have never had anything with a student exchange
  47. I have never searched nude photos from a specific person on the Internet
  48. I have never slept with someone without drinking precautions
  49. I have never told him name of my ex to my partner
  50. I have never practiced more than 10 postures different sexual
  51. I have never had an affair with a person married
  52. I have never drunk on someone else's body
  53. I have never had a sex session of more than three hours
  54. I have never swallowed nothing that I wouldn't willingly swallow again
  55. I have never in love from my best friend
  56. I have never slept with more than 10 people in my life
  57. I have never had sex thinking about my ex
  58. I have never given my number wrong phone so they don't call me
  59. I have never had more than three orgasms in a day
  60. I have never asked a couple to do a quartet
  61. I have never asked a couple to do a exchange
  62. I have never had sex in a trampoline of a swimming pool at night
  63. I have never used one fruit or a vegetable to give me pleasure
  64. I have never given flowers just to get sex
  65. I have never been so excited studying that I had to masturbate
  66. I have never asleep completely naked
  67. I have never used Chinese balls
  68. I have never masturbated 5 times in a day
  69. I have never depilated the genitals

"Never Have I Ever" spicy questions (+18) 💥

If you still want to know more about the intimate life of your playmates, here are 35 more spicy questions. Of course, from here things get serious and you may discover some dark secret that perhaps you preferred. not knowing:

  1. I have never used meal during sex
  2. I have never had sex with them socks positions
  3. I have never tried lift him up the couple to another person
  4. I have never stalked to someone I like online
  5. I have never received a compliment for my genitals
  6. I have never saved photos of secretly naked exes
  7. I have never masturbated while talking phone
  8. I have never been to an exchange club.
  9. I have never had a test pregnancy
  10. I have never had sex with someone from this group
  11. I have never kissed anyone this group
  12. I have never kissed someone and then regretful
  13. I have never thought of one wedding that marriage has its days numbered
  14. I have never broken a furniture during sex
  15. I have never cheated to my partner
  16. I have never had one erection in public
  17. I have never had sex in kitchen
  18. I have never felt shame of the person I dated
  19. I have never had sex in my parents' bed. parents
  20. I have never enjoyed receiving spankings
  21. I never I have taken photos having sex
  22. I have never used oil massage
  23. I have never ran very fast
  24. I have never given a massage and I have taken the opportunity to touch where I shouldn't have
  25. I have never had sex in the discotheque
  26. I have never been masturbated in cinema
  27. I have never participated in one orgy
  28. I have never been attracted to a familiar
  29. I have never felt attracted to someone job
  30. I have never had sex with wives
  31. I have never pretended an orgasm
  32. I have never regretful to be in a relationship with someone
  33. I have never lied in the “I have never”
  34. I have never dreamed of with having sex with someone other than my partner
  35. I have never written a message or called my ex when I was drunk
  36. I have never been unfaithful
  37. I have never sent a “hot” message to a contact mistaken
  38. I have never gone out into the street without underwear
  39. I have never made cybersex
  40. I have never taken a fart while having sex
  41. I have never made a striptease
  42. I have never practiced oral sex driving
  43. I have never slept with two people The same day
  44. I have never deleted my browsing history
  45. I have never pretended Headaches or other physical ailments because you didn't feel like having sex

And after playing, you will probably be interested in reading this post about “hangover remedies“. Remember, drink in moderation and never drive if you have been drinking.

Watch in this video how to play “Never Have I Ever”:

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