Spanish Wordle: what it is and how to play

Do you want to enjoy the fashion game on the Internet? We tell you how to access the Spanish version of Wordle and the basic rules to start playing

Let's see What is Wordle and how to play to the popular word game that has become so fashionable among users around the world. And thanks to our tutorial you will learn how to play Wordle, so that you can get the best scores and beat your family, friends and acquaintances by viral game of the moment. Wordle It is a very simple game to understand and play, through which every day you will have to solve a different word and check your score against the rest of the players. Don't miss our guide on Wordle, what it is, how to access it and how to play the game. fashion game In Internet.


What is Wordle and how to play

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What is Wordle?

Wordle, in essence, is a word guessing game Similar to any crossword puzzle, as you are given a series of boxes that you have to fill in with the correct letters to form words. In Wordle, you have to guess one word a day through six attempts maximum, in which you are given clues about which of the letters entered are part of the word.

Thus, in each attempt you have to enter a word that may fit and the game itself will tell you which letters entered are part of the mystery word and which are not, as well as whether they are in the correct place or not. With each attempt you will see the results of that attempt and you will be able to try again up to a maximum of six times. The game itself doesn't have much more secrets, since It is very simple and accessible for any type of user.

Spanish Wordle: what it is and how to play

It is a leisurely game, in which you only participate once a day for a few minutes. The daily word is same for all users, which makes the game much more competitive between players to see who achieves the best score each day. So much so, that Wordle itself offers its players the option of copying the result to the clipboard of the device on which it is played to share it through social networks. But how do you access Wordle? Do I need to download anything?

How to access Wordle

To access Wordle and start playing no need to download anything. It is only necessary to access the official website of the game in Spanish ( from an Internet browser on the device on which you play, whether it is a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone or a console. Upon accessing you will be able to read the game rules, which as we say, are very simple.

How to play Wordle

Getting started playing Wordle is extremely simple. You just have to write a word and see the letters you got right, something that you will quickly identify through the colors shown. The meaning of each color is as follows:

  • green letter | It means that you have guessed the letter and the box in which it is located in the word.
  • yellow letter | It means that the letter is in the word but you have not guessed the box in which it is located.
  • gray letter | It means that the letter is not found in the mystery word.

Spanish Wordle: what it is and how to play

Thus, the first time you access Wordle you will see a blank grid with all the boxes empty. Start typing a first word and press Enter using the keyboard that appears on the web. Immediately after, the results, painting each box according to your successes or failures. Pay attention to the game keyboard, since the letters you have missed will remain disabled in it in dark gray so that you do not use them again by mistake in the same game.

As you can see, there are six rows of words, which means you have six attempts to guess the correct word. There is no time limit, so you can take your time doing each attempt, thinking and writing the words you consider. The trick is to guess the daily word with the minimum number of attempts, thus achieving the best scores.

If you guess the mystery word of the day a pop-up window will appear with the game result. In the same window you will see a green button to Share the result, so you can copy it to the clipboard and stick it wherever you consider to show off to your friends, checking the right boxes and the wrong ones.

Spanish Wordle: what it is and how to play

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