Tricks to eliminate grease from the roots of your hair in 1 minute

Tips to remove grease from hair roots with cheap and homemade methods.

It has happened to all of us at some point that even though we have washed our hair recently, even the day before, and if you have oily hair or it is summer, our roots are a little greasy or our bangs are very “soda” but it is not the same. Dirty enough to wash your entire head or you simply don't have time. These tips are also very practical when you don't sleep at home, you know that you are going to wake up with your hair in a mess and you need a quick fix with something that fits in our bag.

I'm going to give you a couple of quick tricks so that you can choose yours and be impeccable in 1 minute.

Trick 1: The most homemade, talcum powder

We all have a bottle of talcum powder on hand at home, and if not, starting today you are going to do it since it is very, very useful. The only thing you have to do:

  1. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand (when I say little is very little, it is always better to go short and repeat than to spread powder on your hair and make the mess bigger)
  2. Pour it slowly over the roots or bangs.
  3. Massage the area a little to spread it well.
  4. We then tap it with our hand as if you wanted to shake off the powder and get it off of you.
  5. To finish, take a brush (not a comb) and brush vigorously until the powder completely disappears.

What we want is for the powder to absorb excess oil and then we remove that powder from our hair.

Tip 2: Shampoos for dry hair

It is a very good investment if you find yourself in this situation often and very cheap since if you search carefully and compare prices in stores, for about €3 you can get a large bottle.

There are numerous brands on the market. What I have tried and have been delighted with is the range Batiste You have them without odor, with a fresh smell,... and a super useful one that is the volumizer, which for me is the most. There are many brands; from Mercadona to products from more expensive brands that can cost you around €30. Here I have opted for an economical version that fulfills its function perfectly, but it is up to each person to choose one or another option according to their tastes or experiences.

Tricks to remove oil from hair roots

It is super simple to use; You spray the area with grease, massage, wait a couple of minutes, tap it with your hand and start brushing vigorously (just like with talcum powder) and...scratch it! Perfect.

The volumizer that I was talking about is this pink bottle, and in addition to removing that grease from your hair, it also gives you a lot of volume (in fact I have tried a thousand products to get volume and with none of them have I noticed notable results and this one, without looking for it, has given me very good results...without being something crazy like backcombing ;p)

Volumizer to remove oil from hair roots.

Trick 3: Special option for bangs

Any of the other two previous options would work in this case, but I particularly preferred this option when I had bangs when I had about 5 minutes to make it look perfect.

It basically consists of the following:

  1. We separate the part of the bangs or the front strands if you don't have it, which are what tends to get greasy the most since we touch it more and it is in more contact with the face
  2. We hold the rest of the hair with a clip or hair tie to remove it.
  3. We bow our head and place the area of hair to be groomed under the water of the bidet or shower tap.
  4. We wet that area well, apply a drop of shampoo, massage, rinse.
  5. We dry the excess water with a towel and dry it with our dryer and give it the desired shape.

All 3 options are perfectly valid, and you choose the one that best suits your needs. The first two are very practical but you will notice a little residue on the hair, since you are adding a product to absorb it, and something is noticeable in the texture.