The 9 funniest calculator tricks

Do you want to take advantage of your old calculator? Discover these games to have fun with your friends and surprise them with the most ingenious tricks

Do you remember those ancient digital calculators that we used at school or institute? Although many do not have the best memories of mathematics or physics classes (in which we had to use them very often), we can give a new use to their liquid crystal screen with a good handful of clever and funny tricks. So much so, that by interpreting the numbers on the screen and with not so obvious mathematical calculations, we can do lots of calculator games to surprise our friends and family. We leave you with the 9 tricks calculator more witty What you can do if you continue Our advice.


The best calculator tricks

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math trick

  • Mark the numbers 98765432 on your calculator and divide that figure by 8
  • The result is 12345679, yes, the numbers in order, but the 8 is missing
  • Multiply the missing number (8) by 9
  • Now, we multiply the result (72) by the numbers in order above (12345679)
  • And the result is…
The funniest calculator tricks

Seven will always be seven

  • Have a friend of yours think of a three-digit number and mark it twice on the calculator, for example 789789. Tell him that the result will always be 7
  • Divide the number by 11 and see the result
  • Divide the result by 13 and see the result
  • Divide the result by the three-digit number at the beginning
  • And the result is always 7!

The fertility trick or “THE BABY”

  • A couple wants to have children, so let's get to work!
  • They try it for 13 days with their 12 nights of the 356 days of the year (13x12x365), with the result of 56940
  • 2101 euros are spent on clothes and diapers, a figure that we must subtract from the previous result (56940-2101), with a result of 54839
  • The results came after 14 days (54839×14), with a result of 767746
  • If we divide this figure between their 2 hearts in love, we obtain 383873
  • Now, turn the calculator and interpret the number in letters: “THE BABY.”

Reading numbers backwards

Can write a multitude of words with numbers on our calculator, as long as we read backwards. Thus, we can easily interpret the letters I, E, H, S, G, L, B, O, Z and D with the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0, 2 and 0, respectively. . With these numbers alone we can write more than 1,400 words. Use your imagination! We leave you with some examples:

  • 15 to write “YES”
  • 236 to write “FISH”
  • 3838 to write “BABY”
  • 376006 to write “GOOGLE”

The game of greeting with your calculator

Do you want to surprise a friend or family member without saying anything? Grab your calculator and dial the number 0.7734. If you turn the calculator over, you will read HELLO. The decimal point is so that the calculator allows us to mark the 0 at the beginning of the figure and so that it does not disappear when reading backwards. On the other hand, if your calculator has the open-top 4 instead of the more common closed 4, you won't need to use the decimal, since the open-top 4 is already read as H.

love above all

Are you a very loving person? Do you want to show your affection to others without saying a word? Enter the figure 50538 and turn your calculator in front of the recipient.

The funniest calculator tricks

Study just in case!

A 10-year-old girl who always got a 10 on exams, one day she got a 7 and her father and mother took her 50535. Read the number backwards!

observing space

1 galaxy, 9 planets and 695 stars. What star is in the center of the galaxy? (1+9+695) = SUN

Your lucky number

  • Write the number 98765432
  • Divide that number by 8
  • The result is the same number backwards but without the 8
  • Choose your favorite one-digit number and multiply it by 9 mentally
  • Now multiply the result by the number shown on the screen
  • All the figures in the result will be our lucky number

Extra trick: Addition races!

Do you consider yourself the fastest typing on your calculator? Now you can challenge your friends and check it out with stopwatch in hand. For this only we must dial 1 and the + key. Now comes the time to press the = key to add one at a time for one minute, as fast as possible. Who will reach the highest number?

The best calculator tricks

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