Android Bluetooth turns on by itself: how to fix it

Does the Bluetooth on your Android mobile activate itself? Find out how to solve this annoyance

Next we are going to see how to solve the error by which the Bluetooth of your mobile Android activates itself. And Bluetooth is one of the most important and popular connections among mobile users, since it allows us to connect all types of devices. wirelessly, such as headphones, controls or speakers, in addition to activating the car's hands-free system or sharing files with other mobile phones via Bluetooth, among other advantages. On the other hand, the quality of Bluetooth connections continues to improve, with faster standards and greater range. But,Why does it activate itself? Bluetooth connectivity of the cell phone if we have it turned off? Is there a solution to this error? Let's see how to fix the error where Bluetooth activates itself.

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Android Bluetooth: why does it activate itself?

Our cell phones or smartphones have several types of wireless connections, including the Bluetooth. And the normal thing is to have the connections that we do not usually use turned off to avoid a higher battery consumption or different vulnerabilities. Although one of the most widespread failures of Bluetooth in mobile phones is that it can activate on its own, for no apparent reason, and if you normally have it turned off, when you check the mobile again, you will find it turned on for no apparent reason, with the Bluetooth icon active. Luckily, there are several solutions.

Android Bluetooth turns on by itself: how to fix it

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Check recently installed apps

It may be the case that an app that you have recently installed needs Bluetooth access and therefore it activates it automatically without you knowing it. Or even an app that you have installed for a long time, after updating, may need to access Bluetooth. Whatever the situation, we can try two possible solutions:

  • Detect the recently installed app that causes Bluetooth to turn on and delete it from Settings – Applications to delete all your data.
  • Deny app access to Bluetooth through Settings – Applications – Application permissions, where you will have to select Do not allow.

Automatic device search

The funcionality Automatic device search It is very useful in the event that applications and services that regularly use a Bluetooth connection can connect to open networks automatically. Of course, by activating this option, you will enable the possibility that the mobile's Bluetooth connection activates itself at all times to satisfy the needs of said apps or services. In this case, the solution is to deactivate the option Automatic device search through Settings – Connectivity. When accessing the section Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Search turn off the switch Search for Bluetooth devices.

Android Bluetooth turns on by itself: how to fix it

System errors

The third possibility of unwanted activation of Bluetooth connectivity has to do with possible operating system errors or instabilities of the mobile And with each new update, there may be cases of instabilities that cause certain setbacks that are normally resolved with a next update. For a quick check, go to Google Play and click on My applications to check if there are new updates for your apps.

On the other hand, you can also check if your operating system has pending updates through Settings – System – System Updates to check for possible available updates that have not yet been installed. If there is any pending update, download and install it to see if the Bluetooth error disappears.

Another option is clear settings of connections that include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; If you clear these settings, the cache memory and already configured devices that may cause the Bluetooth error will be deleted. To do this, access Settings – Networks – Reset Network settings. Once the process is complete, restart your phone to check if the Bluetooth connection continues to activate on its own.

Android Bluetooth turns on by itself: how to fix it

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