How to carry your driving license on your mobile

This is how the miDGT app works to have a digital driving license on your iOS and Android mobile

Let's see how to carry your driving license on your mobile thanks to the app myDGT, which allows us to have our driving license in digital format and enjoy other extra functions. And since beginning of 2020, the General direction of traffic threw in App Store and Google Play an application to carry your driving license on your mobile, as well as the documentation of our vehicles. Therefore, below we explain how to register and what services the miDGT app for smartphones offers and thus expedite any type of operation related to the driving license.

miDGT: The digital driving license is now a reality

How to put your driving license on your mobile with the miDGT app

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What is the miDGT app

The miDGT application is the app that the General Directorate of Traffic makes available to drivers so that carry both your driving license and the rest of the documentation on your cell phone of their vehicles with all the necessary legal information for the entire national territory. According to the DGT itself, this app represents another “form of communicate with management, more comfortable, faster and with the same guarantees as if it were done in person.” But to use it properly we must follow a series of steps; keep reading to know how to carry your driving license on your mobile.

How to carry your driving license on your mobile

Follow the steps below to download the miDGT app and obtain your digital driving license:

  1. The first step before downloading the app is to be registered in the cl@ve system, the secure identification system to relate electronically with the General State Administration.
  2. Once you have access via cl@ve you can now download the miDGT app, available for both mobile iOS in App Store as for Android in Google Play.
  3. After downloading, installation and identification via cl@ve, the following accesses will be made with the fingerprint, facial recognition or the security pattern of your mobile.
  4. By accessing you will be able to see your driving license and circulation, in addition to accessing the different functions offered by the app; You don't have to do anything else, since the card will appear linked to your identity.
  5. In addition to the name and surname you will also see the number of points available.

How to carry your driving license on your mobile

Remember that the documentation that you can show from the miDGT app has the same validity as the traditional documents in physical format, valid throughout the national territory. Abroad, however, It will be necessary to bring the documents on physical support, that is, the driver's license and the rest of the legal documents.

On the other hand, beyond access via cl@ve you can also use the DNIe either electronic certificate and the permanent key.

Extra functions of the miDGT app

The miDGT app offers more information to the user in addition to the driving license or the available points, such as vehicle documents in property, the circulation permit digital, the technical sheet, the environmental label, the ITV, the sure and more. In addition, the miDGT app offers the following extra functions:

  • Share vehicle information with another app user through a QR code, in addition to receiving vehicle data from other users.
  • Request the information that the DGT has on any vehicle, with the possibility of downloading the reduced report (free) and full report (priced at 8.50 euros).
  • Consult and pay traffic rates such as the issuance of the circulation permit, changes in ownership of the permits, application for driving and circulation permits and licenses, vehicle report and more.

Should I also bring a physical driver's license?

Although the miDGT app allows you to know all the information related to a driver through the reading a QR code and despite its validity, it is recommended carry the different permits in physical format, since app verifications are not available for all traffic bodies. Progressively, the DGT will provide the rest of the traffic surveillance bodies with the necessary tools to verify digital permits.

How to carry your driving license on your mobile

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