How to change the mobile time

We tell you how to change the time on your mobile. Does the mobile time change on its own? The time change can be done automatically and manually

Let's see how to change the time on your mobile through the two methods available in the vast majority of mobile phones currently. And every six months we must adapt the summer or winter time as appropriate and many people have doubts about whether they should change the time of day. mobile manually or if you do it yourself smartphone automatically. In this article we are going to clear up all doubts about the time change on mobile so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

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Time change on your mobile: automatic or manual?

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Automatic time change

We all know that in most hand, wall or digital clocks it is necessary change the time by hand with each new time change. Luckily, and thanks to the technological advantages of current smart phones, the most normal thing is that the time change is automatic; but not everyone knows it.

And when the time change arrives in the middle of the night, many people go to sleep with the fear of getting up an hour earlier or later, since they are not sure if their cell phone updates itself at each time change. Do not be alarmed; the vast majority of mobile phones update your schedule automatically, although there is also the possibility of doing it manually.

How to change the mobile time

The time change on smartphones can be done in two ways: one automatic ordered by the terminal operator, and another manual, borne by the mobile phone user himself. The current smartphones iOS, Android and Windows They change the time automatically if the time zone you are in is activated, all thanks to the application World time which establishes the different time slots according to the situation of the terminal itself.

Thus, if you have activated the Automatic time zone (option activated by default), on the night the time change is made, the mobile will do it on its own, without you having to do anything. And current smartphones have the option Automatic time change, a tool that acts via GSM, the global system for mobile communications. The time change is made when the terminal synchronizes with the central station, all through the operator that provides the service.

Can't change the time on your cell phone?

In the strange case that you cannot change the time on your mobile, it is probably because you have activated the option Automatically update time zone. In terminals iPhone of Manzana (iOS), if an incorrect time or time zone appears or if there are problems with automatic switching, it will be necessary to activate Automatic adjustment; follow the following steps:

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Date and Time

This will establish the date automatically and the correct schedule based on the time zone.

How to change the time manually

As we say, it is also possible to change the time manually. Depending on the model and brand of the mobile, you will have to follow a different route, although all of them are very similar. Normally you have to go to Configuration/Settings of the mobile and access the section Date and Time. There you can set the time you consider, in addition to editing other related options.

How to change the mobile time

And on a computer?

In the case of a computer, you will have to go to the PC configuration. For this it will be necessary to establish the auto switch. For teams Windows you have to follow the route Home – Control Panel – Date and time or click on the time and date in the task bar at the bottom right of the screen and update the schedule.

Now you know everything about him time change on mobiles. Do not be alarmed; Trust technology so you don't have to worry about the winter and summer time change.

How to change the mobile time

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