How to fix a WhatsApp chat on iPhone

Tutorial to know how to pin a chat on WhatsApp iPhone so that the conversation is pinned to the top of the screen of your Apple mobile

Let's see how to fix a chat on WhatsApp iPhone, so that you can set a WhatsApp conversation at the top of your iPhone screen. And thanks to the WhatsApp app you can maintain direct contact with dozens and dozens of contacts through instant messaging, as long as you have them in your agenda contacts and you have an Internet connection. Therefore, it is normal that during the week you accumulate hundreds of messages from different chats and groups; and it is also likely that you have wanted to pin a specific chat on the screen to have a easier and more direct access to the conversation. Below, we offer you a complete tutorial to know how to set a chat WhatsApp on iPhone Step by Step.


How to fix a chat on WhatsApp iPhone

Follow the steps below to fix WhatsApp chats on iPhone:

  1. The first step is to access the WhatsApp app, in the section conversations.
  2. Now drag the chat you want to pin from left to right.
  3. The tab will appear Pin up with a thumbtack icon; press it.
  4. Now you will see that the chat appears at the top of the WhatsApp conversations section with a thumbtack icon.
  5. If you want to unpin the conversation you will have to follow the same procedure and click on Unpin to return the chat to its usual place.

How to fix a WhatsApp chat on iPhone

Now you know how to fix WhatsApp chats on iPhone; think that the method is somewhat different in Android. This way you can select those WhatsApp chats that you want to highlight to have faster access to them. This way you won't waste time searching through dozens of chats to find the desired conversation.

How to fix a WhatsApp chat on iPhone

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