Missed call scam: what it is and how to avoid the scam

We teach you what the now classic missed call scam is and the keys to avoid deception over the telephone; don't bite and don't fall for the scam

Let's see what is the missed call scam, how to avoid a scam which has been bothering all kinds of users through their mobile phones for several years. This is a classic scam that aims to make you call numbers with special rates, usually much higher than usual. To do this, scammers resort to long numbers that try to sting the victims in a simple and unexpected way. Therefore, we want to offer you all the information possible about this type of telephone scams, so that don't fall into the trap and avoid biting, although it is not always easy to avoid deception.

The missed call scam

Missed call scam on mobile phones

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How the missed call scam works

The missed call scam is a scam with a very simple operation. So much so, that in the first place you will receive a call from an unknown number, usually, with International prefix and only for one or two seconds, since the idea is that the user does not pick up the call.

The objective is that the user, after hearing or seeing the missed call, answer that number by calling to check who it was or if it was an important matter. When calling, the user will be dialing a international or special number that the scammer has prepared so that the rate is as high as possible, which means that the call will be very expensive. Furthermore, everything spent on said call It will go directly into your pockets. of scammers.

In short, it is a very simple technique through which the attacker tries to make the victim call back a special high rate number after first making a fleeting missed call and thus awakening the victim's curiosity. And actually, this scam is very well thought out if we take into account that many companies, especially Messenger service or telephony, they use special and quite long numbers to communicate with their customers. That is why it is especially easy to fall into the trap if we are not sufficiently attentive.

Missed call scam: what it is and how to avoid the deception

How to avoid falling for the call scam

There are several methods to avoid falling into the call scam loss. To start, you can use proactive measures such as activate the anti-spam filter What can your have? smartphone to avoid these types of calls. Most current mobile phones offer the possibility of activating a filter that warns you of a suspicious incoming number with the message “spam call or number” next to the number that is calling you.

The other basic action is that never call back a strange number or that you don't know, especially if it starts with a special or international prefix and if one's own number is exaggeratedly long. All these signs point directly to a scam of this type, which aims to make you pay a very high fee by answering an unknown number.

And although many messaging or telephone companies use especially long numbers or numbers that may seem strange, never respond to numbers like this that are unknown. If they really want something from you they will call again, but never call them back to avoid falling into a scam of this type.

On the other hand, if you receive an international call with the code of another country with a “+” symbol in front, do not call either, since being an international number you will be paying a very high rate and if it is a scam, even more expensive.

Now you know What is the missed call scam and how to avoid falling for this type of scam. Remember, do not return calls from strange numbers, especially strange ones or with foreign codes.

Missed call scam: what it is and how to avoid the deception

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