Why can't I share posts on Instagram

Suddenly you can't post your stories or photos on Instagram? Find out why you can't share posts on the social network and how to fix it

Let's see why you can't share posts on Instagram, an error that is more common than we think and that affects many users of the popular social network. And there are several reasons why you may encounter unexpected problems or errors when post or share a post what has you caught attention and you want to reach your followers, whether due to app errors or user-related mishaps or other reasons. Therefore, below we offer you the keys to the most common mistakes of instagram that prevent the publication of content.


Instagram: why I can't share posts

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Instagram updated to the latest version

A possible source of error when publishing on Instagram is having the outdated application. An Instagram app that is not updated to the latest version can cause errors when publishing or sharing stories. Therefore, it is advisable to have the application updated to the latest version, both on iOS and Android.

Uninstall and install Instagram again

If you see that publishing problems persist, you can always uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app. And it is possible that the application has some type of error in previous updates, so it is better to make a clean slate to try to solve the error. Thus, you will correct any errors that the installed app may have on your mobile.

Public or private content

If you see that you cannot share a post, check if the account from which you want to share its content is public or private. If it is private, you will not be able to share its content with your followers, since the user whose posts you want to share will have limited the reach of their posts, which can only be seen by those who have sent them a request to follow them. This is one of the Most common reasons why posts cannot be shared On Instagram.

Why can't I share posts on Instagram

One solution is to make a screenshot of the publication you want to share and publish it as a story, although it is likely that the author of the original post will not be very happy. You can also suggest that contact activate the function to share their stories through Settings – Privacy – History and activating the option.

Instagram crashes more on iPhone (iOS)

It is a known problem that Instagram app for iPhone (iOS), as a general rule, gives more errors than on Android, especially when sharing others' posts. This is an Instagram setback and there is little we can do unless you have access to Android version of the application in a timely manner if you encounter an error of this type on iPhone.

More than one account linked in the app

The option of link more than one Instagram account in the same app it is most interesting, although it is possible that it also causes the occasional error. And if you have more than one linked account, it may cause conflicts between accounts and do not allow sharing publications correctly. If this is the case, try accessing Instagram from your mobile web browser and share the post from there.

Why can't I share posts on Instagram

Check your internet connection

Lastly, if you have tried all of the above and have not achieved a positive result, you may have some internet connection error, either through a Wi-Fi network or through mobile data. Therefore, we recommend checking the Internet connection, disconnecting the mobile and reconnecting again. If you have your phone connected to a router, restart the device and reconnect; In the case of mobile data, make sure you have coverage and enough megabytes available.

Now you know the main causes of the most common errors that prevent you from publishing on Instagram, either with your own publications or sharing stories from other users.

Why can't I share posts on Instagram

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