Cuphead Cheats for PC and Xbox One

Learn all of Cuphead's secrets, achievements, enemies, unlockable modes, and gold coins.

Relive the classic style of 1930s animations and face bosses with devilish difficulty in cuphead.

All Currencies

In Cuphead, each of the 6 platform phases has 5 coins to collect, 30 in total, they are very easy to see and we will collect them without problems, but there are also 10 other hidden ones that we must collect to complete the High Roller achievement.

We leave you an explanatory video with the 10 secret coins.

Cuphead - Secret Coins - Location of the 10


Unlock Retro Mode

One of Cuphead's secrets is Retro Mode, where we will see the game in black and white and the music sounds older. To achieve this new mode we have to achieve the Pacifist Achievement, which consists of achieving P Rank in the 6 platform levels. 

To get Rank P we have to complete these phases without killing any enemies. For this it is necessary to have the "Smoke Bomb" improvement that helps us to be invulnerable while we do the dodges. We leave you a video of how to complete all the levels with P rank, get the Achievement and unlock Retro Mode.

Cuphead - P Rank Pacifist Secret - How to Get P Ranks - (Cuphead Gameplay)


Cuphead Achievements

Taking names – Defeat a boss. 

A walk in the Park – Defeat all bosses on Inkwell Isle I. 

A day at the fair – Defeat all the bosses on Inkwell Isle II. 

A trip downtown – Defeat all the bosses on Inkwell Isle III. 

Casino Night – Complete the casino. 

Put on a show – Achieve S rank. 

Sheriff – Earn A rank or higher on all Inkwell Isle I bosses. 

boss – Earn A rank or higher on all Inkwell Isle II bosses. 

Elderly – Earn A rank or higher on all Inkwell Isle III bosses.

King – Earn A rank or higher on all Inkwell Isle bosses. 

Soul's aved – Complete the game on normal. 

Beat The Devil At His Own Game – Complete the game on expert.

Butter-and-Egg Man – Buy all merchandise at Porkrind's Shop. 

Ceramic Strike – Defeat a boss with an extra special move.

Porcelain Power – Defeat a boss with a super art.

Magician Lord – Get all the super arts.

Perfect Run – Complete a level without taking damage.

Coffers Full – Get all the coins in all levels.

Bouncing Ball – Perform 5 parrys before touching the ground.

Parry Persistence – Perform 20 parrys.

Parry Performance – Perform 100 parrys.

Secret achievement Swing you Sinner – Defeat the Devil.

Cutting Corners Secret Achievement – Discover a shortcut.

Rolling Sixes Secret Achievement – Defeat King Dice without taking damage.

Bravo Zulu Secret Achievement P26 – Defeat a boss using only the plane's mini-bullets.

High Roller Secret Achievement – Get all the coins in the game.

Pacifist Secret Achievement – Complete all platform phases with P rank.