Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Modes Guide – for PS4, PC, Xbox One

We leave you a description of all the game modes included in the new Dragon Ball title


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Next we are going to see all the game modes that the game includes.

History mode

The story mode is the biggest attraction for a player, a completely new story has been prepared for the game and the introduction of a new character who becomes part of the Dragon Ball Canon. This mode is divided into 3 chapters different, "Super Warriors" where we will see the story from the perspective of the Z Warriors, "Enemy Warriors" from the point of Frieza and Cell and other enemies and "Android No. 21", from the perspective of the Androids. We will have to finish each chapter to unlock the next one and each chapter will have a lot of battles and it will take us several hours to complete each one.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Map

Once we access one of the 3 chapters, the game will begin, where we will see a map and some squares to move through, on the upper left we see the number of turns we have to move around the map, each chapter is a succession of maps until we reach the final combat. At the beginning we will go with a character and we have to complete battles where We will recruit more members for our team. When carrying out the battles, the characters we take will level up, so it is important to carry out the battles to raise our characters since as we advance our rivals will become stronger. We have different icons that we must know to advance in the story mode.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Map Icons

Rescue Event : in the boxes marked with this icon we can recruit a new character for our team if we achieve victory, if we stand on top of it and press Button A either X button We'll see which character we can recruit.

Boss Fight : The box marked with this icon is the fight against the boss of that map, if we fight him and win we will end the map and move on to the next.

Combat Tutorial : In these boxes we will be given instructions to complete a tutorial while we fight and we will get Zenis.

Managing the Team

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Story Mode Items

As we obtain characters for our team, we will have to decide how to use them. Only characters who fight gain experience, so it is important to change them if we want everyone to level up. If one of our characters dies in combat after finishing it, we can add another one that we have alive to our team and the other will recover while in reserve. Always when completing a map in the boss battle, all our characters recover their health completely. It is also important to know that as we win battles we will get objects that we can equip our characters from the "Edit Equipment" menu and they can be very useful for us to face the following battles, we can increase our damage, the damage of the Supers , Recover more life after battles, gain more experience, reduce the level of enemies, a lot of objects that we will have to try to better understand their effects.

As we use them, the information that a link mission with a specific character is available can be displayed. This is done from the team editing menu by placing ourselves on top of the character and pressing X button either square button to activate a sequence with the character and learn more about our bond with him.

Special Fights against Little Bu

Fight against Little Bu - Dragon Ball FighterZ

From time to time we will see that in a square that was occupied by an enemy Little Bu appears and replaces the initial opponent, winning these fights gives us good experience and Zenis rewards but also we can get some good item if we win, we can check the reward before entering combat. The only important thing is to know that Little Bu He will be quite a few levels above us so he is a tough enemy to beat.Even so, he goes alone and there are 3 of us, so if we manage the fight well we won't have many problems. It is important to do these fights and not skip them.

Hard Mode

Once we complete the 3 Chapters, which will take us a good handful of hours, apart from unlock various music, go to Android 21 and get 80,000 Zenis we unlock the hard mode For the story, here the enemies are of a higher level and are much more aggressive than the normal mode, which does not present any challenge to complete it, so in this mode we can take the opportunity to recruit all the possible characters in each chapter, obtain much more Zeni and objects and complete the secret story sequences that we detail below.

Secret Sequences to get 100%

In story mode There are plenty of hidden scenes that reveal even more plot points.. To unlock some of these special Dragon Ball FighterZ events, you'll need to link certain characters on certain maps (indicated by the "+" sign), while others are unlocked when we play certain characters against each other (indicated by the " vs". Below we leave you a list with all the possible sequences that we can see to obtain all the secret sequences of the story mode and complete it at 100%

Super Warriors

  • Goku + Vegeta + Gotenks.
  • Goku + Gohan + Piccolo.
  • Goku + Vegeta vs. Frieza (Map 11-13).
  • Goku + Vegeta vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Goku + Gohan vs. Cell (Map 11-12).
  • Gotenks + Gohan.
  • Gohan + Piccolo vs. Nappa (Map 11-13).
  • Vegeta + Tien vs. Nappa (Map 11-13).
  • Goku + Krillin + Yamcha.
  • Gohan + Buu vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Goku + Buu vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Vegeta + Piccolo.
  • Gohan + Krillin vs. Ginyu (Map 11-13).
  • Krillin + Yamcha.
  • Yamcha + Tien.
  • Goku + Tien vs. Clone Piccolo.
  • Goku vs. Clone Goku.
  • Vegeta vs. Clone Vegeta.
  • Gohan vs. Clone Gohan.
  • Gotenks + Bu.
  • Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Cell (Map 11-12).
  • Gohan + Krillin vs. C16 (Map 08 boss fight).
  • Goku (SSGSS) vs. Ginyu + Frieza (Map 12).
  • Piccolo + Yamcha.
  • Vegeta + Gotenks + Piccolo.
  • Vegeta + Gohan.
  • Goku + Yamcha vs. Frieza (Map 11-13).
  • Gotenks + Tien.
  • Piccolo + Krillin.
  • Vegeta + Buu.
  • Vegeta + Krillin vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Goku (SSGSS) vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Frieza (Map 11-13).
  • Piccolo vs. Clone Piccolo.
  • Krillin vs. Krillin Clone.
  • Yamcha vs. Yamcha Clone.
  • Tien vs. Tien Clone.

Enemy Warriors

  • Ginyu + Frieza.
  • Nappa + Ginyu vs. Clone Vegeta.
  • Frieza + Cell vs. Goku (Map 05).
  •  Ginyu + Frieezer + Cell.
  • Vegeta + Ginyu.
  • Goku + Ginyu.
  • Goku + Cell.
  • Gohan + Ginyu.
  • Gotenks + Ginyu.
  • Goku + Vegeta + Frieza.
  • Tien + Nappa.
  • Yamcha + Nappa.
  • Vegeta + Nappa vs. Clone Goku.
  • Gotenks + Nappa.
  • Krillin + Cell vs. C16 (Map 09 boss fight).
  • Goku + Majin Bu + Frieza.
  • Majin Buu + Cell vs. Little Bu Clone.
  • Gotenks + Frieza.
  • Gohan + Cell.
  • Piccolo + Frieza.
  • Tien + Cell.
  • Goku + Frieza.
  • Nappa vs. Nappa Clone.
  • Goku + Vegeta + Piccolo.
  • Frieza vs. Clone Frieza.
  • Cell vs. Cell Clone.
  • Goku + Yamcha + Tien.
  • Nappa + Cell.
  • Vegeta + Krillin.
  • Captain Ginyu vs. Ginyu Clone.

Android #21

  • Goku + C 21.
  • Piccolo + C 21.
  • C 18 vs. Cell Clone.
  • Vegeta + Gotenks + C 21.
  • Gohan + C 18 + C 21.
  • Majin Bu + C 21.
  • Krillin + Yamcha.
  • Piccolo + Tien + C 21.
  • C 18 vs. Clone Vegeta.
  • C 16 + C 18.
  • C 18 + C 21 vs. Clone Frieza.
  •  C16 vs. Clone Goku.
  • Yamcha + C 18.