Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Discover all the secrets of Dragon Ball FighterZ, how to use the 7 balls, secret characters, hidden scenes, achievements, combos and much more with our guide


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How to Unlock A21, Goku and Vegeta SSGSS

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Majin A 21

In Dragon Ball FighterZ we have 3 unlockable characters by meeting certain conditions in the game. For unlock Android 21 We have to complete the 3 chapters of the story mode.

Goku SSGSS : To get this character we have to complete the Extreme Gravity Ship Arcade route on difficult difficulty, achieving a Rank A or higher. We can also unlock it by accumulating 500.00 Zenis in our game (they do not have to be at the same time).

Vegeta SSGSS : To get this character we have to complete the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Arcade route. on difficult difficulty achieving a Rank A or higher. We can also unlock it by accumulating 500.00 Zenis in our game (they do not have to be at the same time).

The 7 Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls - Dragon Ball fighterZ

During combat we can activate the 7 dragon balls These give us the possibility of making a wish from Shenron and putting the combat in our favor. To gather them we have to make combos, for example:

  • dragon ball 1 – Do a combo of 10 to 19 hits
  • dragon ball 2 – Do a combo of 20 to 29 hits
  • dragon ball 3 – Do a combo of 30 to 39 hits
  • dragon ball 4 – Do a combo of 40 to 49 hits
  • dragon ball 5 – Do a combo of 50 to 59 hits
  • dragon ball 6 – Do a combo of 60 to 69 hits
  • dragon ball 7 – Do a combo of 70 to 79 hits

Dragon balls are shared between the 2 fighters, that is, the player who manages to activate one by doing the combo, that ball will be available to both fighters, so you have to keep an eye on which ones have been obtained throughout the fight. Once they are all, To invoke it we will have to have all 7 Ki bars charged and perform at least a 7-hit combo, Shenron will appear and give us the choice between four options, in a limited space of time 5 seconds, we leave you the list of the 4 wishes that we can ask for.

  • Restore my health!: Restore the health of the character we are using to 100%.
  • Give me back my ally!: Resurrect a member of our team who has died with very little life.
  • Grant me ultimate power!: It gives us a sparking additional so that we can use it up to two times in the same battle. Activating this power increases our damage and allows us to be much more dangerous for a time.
  • Make me immortal!: Restores the entire blue portion of all team members' health bars.

Dramatic Finish – Spectacular Endings

DRAMATIC FINISH (Dramatic Scenes) - How to do them - Dragon Ball FIGHTERZ

At the end of a combat with special conditions we will be able to see sequences called Spectacular Finales, also known as Dramatic Finish, the characters and the scenarios influence, to activate them we must finish the combat by throwing our rival against the scenario as with the Destructive Endings , this is by pressing the button B Button (xbox) or circle button (PS4). Below we leave you the requirements to activate the different Spectacular Endings:

Yamcha Vs Nappa : to activate it we have to defeat Nappa in the Rocky Field stage at noon.

Nappa Vs Yamcha : like the previous one, to activate it we have to defeat Yamcha in the Rocky Field stage at noon.

Goku vs Frieza : We have to defeat Frieza being Goku in the Destroyed Planet Namek scenario, if we are on the Planet Namek stage to destroy it we have to kill an opponent with a Super Attack and the animation that destroys the stage appears.

Trunks vs Frieza : You have to defeat Frieza by controlling Trunks in the Rocky Field stage at noon.

Son Gohan vs Cell : with Young Gohan we finish off Cell in the Wasteland scenario, we can also go to this stage if we destroy Cell's Ring stage.

Goku vs Kid Bu : Being Goku we end up with Kid Bu on the stage Kaiyoshin Land.

Beerus vs Goku : You have to defeat Goku being Beerus in the Space stage.

Special Intros

To activate these sequences, the characters involved must be selected as the first in the team. At the beginning of the fight, if they match the descriptions below, the scene will skip directly at the beginning of the fight.

Krillin vs Nappa – To see this special intro Krillin must face Nappa on the Rocky Field stage at noon.

Goku Vs Frieza – To see this intro it is necessary that Goku and Frieza face each other on Planet Namek and the condition is that Krillin is not on either of the 2 teams.

Young Son Gohan vs Cell – They have to face each other in Cell's Ring and C16 cannot be on any team.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Achievements

Serpent Way Sensei – Arcade: complete Via Serpent.   

Extreme Gravity Guru – Arcade: complete Extreme Gravity Ship.   

Hyperbolic Heavyweight – Arcade: complete Hyperbolic Time Chamber.   

Bond Level 20 – Story: Increase your bond level up to 20.   

Goodbye, Bu – Story: Defeat Little Bu Clone.   

Talkative – Story: Activate a special conversation sequence.   

I will also fight to test myself – Local combat: play a game.   

Ladies and gentlemen, we already have a winner! – Tournament: claim victory.   

Ready to fight – Practice: Complete all combat tutorials.   

Practice makes a master – Practice: Perform a combo that deals 5,000 damage or more in Training mode.   

Don't underestimate the Earth! – Practice: Complete 30 different combo challenges.   

Son Goku is not the only Super Saiyan... – World Match: Play a Ranked Match.   

You won't win this time  – Global Match: Play 10 Ranked Matches.   

Casual fighter – Global Match: Play 10 Casual Matches.   

sand enthusiast – Arena Match: Play a match.   

I was just looking – Arena Match: Watch a match.   

It's time to play! – Global Match: Play a Casual Match.   

Seal of approval – Replay: Use a Z stamp while watching a replay in the Replay Channel.   

Millionaire Get  – 1,000,000 zeni throughout the game.   

Hey, I'm Son Goku! – Complete a mission tutorial.   

I am Son Goku, the legendary Super Saiyan! – Story: complete Super Warriors.   

Ho, ho, ho... I didn't expect so much emotion – Story: Complete Enemy Warriors.   

My appetite… is insatiable…! – Story: complete Android #21.   

I will be more than the legendary Super Saiyan! – Practice: Complete 100 different combo challenges.   

Suffering will make me stronger!  – Global Match: Play 20 Ranked Matches.   

Expert in the sand – Arena match: play 10 matches.   

I also want to play! – Global Match: Play 20 Casual Matches.   

deep pockets – Earn 5,000,000 zeni throughout the game.   

sand enthusiast – Arena Match: Play 20 matches.   

Goodbye, Tenshinhan... – Complete 7 mission tutorials.   

Will you be the next God of Destruction? – Arcade: Complete a circuit with S rank.   

Bond Level 40 – Story: Increase your bond level up to 40.   

Before creating you must destroy... – Practice: Complete 200 different combo challenges.   

My power level is 530,000 – World Match: Get 530,000 CP.   

Resolved life – Earn 20,000,000 zeni throughout the game.