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All Nier Automata endings, secrets, cheats and achievements

Accompany androids 2B and 9S in a world abandoned by humans in NieR: Automata.

All Finals

NieR: Atumata has a large number of endings, we tell you how to unlock them all.

Final A: Complete the game 

Final B: Load the game after getting Ending A and complete the game a second time.

Final C: Load the game after achieving endings A and B and complete the game by choosing android A2 in the final battle.

Final D: Load the game after achieving endings A and B and complete the game by choosing Android 9S in the final battle.

Final E: After achieving endings C and D. During the credits sequence they will ask us if we want to stop the current sequence, by doing so we will access a minigame, be careful with a question that is to delete the game, it is not necessary to delete it to see the ending.

Final F: During the battle against the Goliath in chapter 01_03_2 of the second game, avoid restoring the systems during the hacking minigame and wait for the time limit to run out.

Final G: At the beginning of the second game when we drive to 9S for the first time, instead of entering the flight unit, jump on the crane past the chest. Then, jump to the walkway to the right.

Final H: When approaching the Goliath in Chapter 05-03, on the bridge, retreat from the battle to escape.

Final I: After defeating Adam in Chapter 08-01_2 in Copied City with 2B, leave the combat area without approaching 9S.

Final J: Kill the priest who takes you through the factory in Chapter 09-02_3.

Final K: In the desert camp after the meeting with Jackass, start fishing on the coast until you get a mackerel and consume it from the inventory.

End L: In chapter 10-02, escape from the boss fight through the hole in the center.

Final M: When Pascal's village is attacked while playing as A2 in chapter 14_03, flee towards the factory instead of coming to his aid.

Final N: Destroy all the machines in Pascal's village during chapter 7-02.

End O: Run away from the fight when 2B is stunned by EMP and the infected YoRHa units attack 9S in chapter 11_04.

Final P: Let 2B die from the virus in chapter 11-06.

Final Q: Don't go to help 2B with 9S when A2 is going to kill her in chapter 11_07.

Final R: Destroy the last robots in the Abandoned Factory in Chapter 14-05. This includes trying to destroy Pascal.

Final S: Leave Devola and Popola when they are protecting 9S so he can hack the entrance to the tower, in chapter 17_01.

End T: Remove the Operating System chip you have equipped.

Final U: Activate your self-destruct when you are in the bunker.

Final V: When you have to hack the tower with 9S in chapter 17-01, don't do it, help Devola and Popola until they fall.

Final W: Allow one of the giant lasers that attack during chapter 01-03_02 and that eliminate your YoRHa companions while you fly towards the factory to destroy you.

Final X: At the end of chapter 11-06, ignore the YoRHa when controlling A2. 

End And: Let Emil self-destruct after the mission "Emil's Determination".

Final Z: Kill Pascal in the chapter after rescuing her in chapter 14_01.

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Secret Weapons

Dragon Spear

After complete Chapter 6_3 When we head towards the castle, we can find the Dragon Spear Lance hidden inside a chest in a secret cave next to a waterfall. We leave you a video to locate it.

NieR Automata - Secret Spear "Dragoon Lance" Location (Secret Weapon Locations)

Final Fantasy XV Engine Blade

The Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV can be found in the Factory during the quest "Twisted Religion", near the end of the main story.

NieR Automata - How to find Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV (Noctis Engine Blade Easter Egg)

The Secret Blacksmith – Level 4 Weapons

Each of the weapons in NieR: Automata can be upgraded up to level four, Weapons are improved in the blacksmiths. 

To find the only blacksmith (Masamune) that can upgrade weapons to level 4, first we have to get to the Forest Castle, there we can locate it, we leave you a video.

NieR: Automata | How to Find the Hidden Forest Blacksmith, Masamune


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