The Last Guardian Cheats for PS4

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Solve the mystery of the boy and Trico in the latest Team Ico game, The Last Guardian.


Unlockables The Last Guardian

Throughout the adventure and as we see at the beginning of it, there are barrels that we must get to feed Trico, we throw them near him and he will catch them on the fly or end up swallowing them if we leave them near him. There are a total of 48 barrels (added between games) and when you complete the game We will unlock new clothing and the possibility of painting Trico depending on how many barrels we have collected. To select them we have to go to the Objects tab from the Settings menu.

Badge of Honor – complete the game for the first time, this item is a pendant for Trico that does not seem to have any function other than aesthetics.

Resistant Outfit – Pick up 12 barrels.

The Last Guardian - Tough Outfit

Welcome Suit – Pick up 24 barrels.

The Last Guardian - Welcome Suit

Costume with Horns – Pick up 48 barrels, a suit inspired by the ICO character.

The Last Guardian - Horned Suit

Warrior Clothing – Pick up 64 barrels, a costume inspired by the character from Shadow of the Colossus.

The Last Guardian - Warrior Clothing

Fine feather spray – Finally when finding 96 barrels, a spray to be able to paint Trico.

We leave you a video to find all the barrels, to get the "Break a barrel" trophy It is not necessary to collect all 48 in the same game (checked).



Video Guide

We leave you a video guide to be able to overcome without problems all the areas of the game in which we can get attacked.

Part 1



Part 2



Part 3



Part 4



Part 5



Part 6



Part 7



Part 8



Part 9



The last Guardian trophies


The Last Guardian – Get the rest of the trophies.


The call of nature – Catch Trico... in the middle of his work.


Keep running - Stay away from Trico for 3 minutes or more when he goes crazy in any room where there is an antenna.


Lightning Emissary – Finish the game in less than 5 hours.


Untouchable emissary – Finish the game without losing a match.


Starting a barrel – Give Trico all the barrels.


Losing my head - Defeat 10 or more armors by removing their heads.


Intensive care – Take out Trico's spears as quickly as possible.


Fast emissary – Finish the game in less than 15 hours.


Life jacket - Saved from a fall by Trico's tail 10 or more times.


It's all said – Listen to all the tracks.


Prom Dress - Get all of the boy's outfits and equip them.


Get off my back! – Hold on to the back of armor for 30 seconds or more.


Beastly friends – Paint Trico's entire body.


Balancing with barrels – Move at least 10 meters carrying 2 or more barrels.


Even though we are far away – Make it to the end of the game.


Lively emissary – Finish the game in less than 30 hours.


Thunderous wonder – Defeat 20 or more armors with Trico's lightning bolt.


Broad-shouldered – Land on Trico's back after propelling yourself with a cart.


Right on target - Attack armor with 20 or more barrels or cauldrons.


Pardon in extremis – Have Trico defeat 20 or more armors when they have the child.


Practice makes a master - Have Trico catch a barrel in the air at least 20 times.


Cryptozoologist – Hit all the enemy beasts.


Necklace - Make Trico stick his head in all the holes.