Until Dawn Cheats for PS4

All Until Dawn cheats, endings and collectibles

One night, eight friends trapped in the mountain, a murderer. Your actions determine who survives in Until Dawn.

Until Dawn endings

Steps to follow to get the best ending and the secret ending:



The Good Ending – To achieve the good ending, the following conditions must be met.

  • Matt, Jessica, and Josh have to be alive at the end of episode 10.
  • Sam, Mike, Chris, Ashley, and Emily must be at the shelter during the final sequence.
  • Sam must use "SAVE MIKE" and "HIDE" every time a "DON'T MOVE" event occurs.  
  • Don't use the "Run and activate the switch" option on Sam until everyone is out of the shelter.

Always using the option to hide with Sam will allow everyone to leave the shelter, Sam will activate the switch automatically once everyone is outside.

Here we leave you a video with the Bad Ending, in which everyone dies.



The Bad Ending – To achieve this ending where everyone dies, the following conditions must be met

  • Chris, Ashley, Emily, Matt, Jessica, and Josh should be dead when Sam and I arrive at the shelter.
  • Sam and Mike must be the only survivors in the shelter in the final sequence.
  • Sam must fail the "Don't Move" events.

If we do everything correctly Sam will die at the hands of the Wendigo and Mike sacrifices himself by blowing up the shelter.


There are 107 collectibles divided into 2 groups, 30 totems and 77 tracks, these are divided into 3: 20 of the twins, 27 of the 1952 tragedy and 30 of the mysterious man. We will get the trophies: The tale of the two sisters, The fateful descent, You have opened your eyes and The night of the totem hunter. 

It is important that certain characters survive until a certain chapter or escape from certain situations.

Ch.1 – Don't shoot the squirrel with Chris.
Chapter 4 – Read chapter 10.
Chapter 5 – With Sam you have to escape from the maniac, to be able to collect collectibles in chapter 7.
Chapter 6 – Read chapter 10.
Chapter 7 – With Emily, when the guy with the flamethrower chases you, don't turn around, hide.
Chapter 10 – To collect some collectibles in this chapter we will have to arrive with Jess or Matt alive, either of the two will do, for Jess we will have to perform the sequence of chapter 4 well with Mike and choosing the short paths, for Matt, in chapter 6, we don't have to attack the animal and then try to save Emily.




Chapter 1



Episode 2



Chapter 3



Chapter 4



Chapter 5



Chapter 6



Chapter 7



Chapter 8



Chapter 9



Chapter 10




The Killing Curse – Chris decided to shoot Ashley.   

Emily's exorcism – Mike shot Emily.   

Why do you let him in? – Ashley or Chris opened the trapdoor and let the monster in.  

leave it inside – Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement.  

Ashley Fierce – Ashley got angry and left Chris to die.  

instant hell – Sam immediately hit the switch to set the shelter on fire.  

Don't scare Jessica to death – Jessica survived her terrifying night

He shouted loudly – Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap.  

Road to psychosis – Sam or Ashley attacked the psychopath with a gun.  

The tale of the two sisters – The group found all the clues about the twins.  

The fateful descent – The group found all the clues to the 1952 tragedy.  

You have opened your eyes – The group found all the clues of the mysterious man.  

The red in four lips – All the girls survived until dawn.  

They are alive – The eight friends survived until dawn.  

Party until the end? –No one survived until dawn.  

The clever werewolf – Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the asylum.  

The fast wicker man – All the boys have survived.  

The Night of the Totem Hunter – The group found all the totems scattered across the mountain.  

Symphony of Horror Trophies – Get the rest of the game's trophies.


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