Windows 10 Tricks: The best keyboard shortcuts

We offer you the best shortcuts for the new Microsoft operating system

If there is something that characterizes the different versions of Windows over the years, it is the ease of use for the average user, with a good number of customization options and shortcuts so that each user can find the interface that best suits their needs. With the arrival of Windows 10 and its different updates, Microsoft has been very serious about making life easier for its customers.

The best keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Therefore, it offers lots of keyboard combinations and shortcuts by using your own Windows key and numerous keys, all to facilitate use for the average user and in some cases speed up many processes and orders without the need to resort to the mouse. Very easy to remember shortcuts that, once assimilated, They will allow us to carry out a multitude of actions in a much faster and more intuitive way.. We leave you with the most practical and immediate shortcuts that you should not lose sight of to move through Windows 10 more quickly and comfortably.

The most practical Windows 10 shortcuts

Windows key + A
Open the activity center

Windows key + C
Activate Cortana voice recognition

Windows key + D
Show the desktop

Windows key + E
Open Windows Explorer

Windows key + G
Activate Game DVR to record screen

Windows key + I
Open system settings

Windows key + K
Connect to send data to other devices

Windows key + L
Lock the device

Windows key + R
Run a command

Windows key + S
Activate Cortana

Windows key + X
Open the advanced options menu

Windows key + TAB
Open the task view

Windows Key + Direction Arrows (Windows Snap)
Paste a window to the right, left, top or bottom of the screen

Windows key + CTRL + D
Create a new virtual desktop

Windows key + CTRL + F4
Close a virtual desktop

Windows Key + CTRL + Left or Right Arrow
Change virtual desktop

Windows Key + SHIFT + Left or Right Arrow
Move the active window from one monitor to another

Switch between open windows on the desktop