How to fix car scratches: homemade tricks

The best homemade tricks to remove scratches from the car body

Below we offer you the best tricks to remove scratches from car, a situation that drivers suffer more than they would like, even more so if they park on the street. And most people would like to have the impeccable car body, from the most common utility vehicle to the fastest sports car, something quite difficult to achieve in large cities and agglomerations of vehicles such as parking lots. Therefore, we offer you the best home tricks to remove scratches from the bodywork, solutions that can very well hide a small dent or an unfortunate scratch.

TRICK | Remove Key Scratches from the Car (Forever and Without Painting)

The best tricks to remove scratches from the car

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And beyond the aesthetic level, scratches on the bodywork of cars can cause damages of different considerations, since by removing the paint and its protection, the body is exposed to the humidity, the sun's rays and other corrosive agents that can further damage the car. Therefore, we recommend following a series of care depending on the type of scratch, whether more or less deep, parking, being hit while driving or going through the car wash, among other possibilities. Thus, if we detect that the scratch is not very serious, we can try to fix it using different solutions without having to go to a doctor. specialized workshop.

Of course, if the damage is greater and deeper, the best solution will be to go to a sheet metal and painting professional to fix the damage; However, first we can always try several solutions to save a few euros through the following homemade solutions.

Types of scratches

We can classify the types of scratches into three categories according to the damage caused:

  • Small scratches: damage from not washing and drying the body properly; These are very slight micro scratches that are barely visible.
  • Light scratches: scratches that have only affected the transparent or colored protective layer; They are easily appreciated although no color other than that of the body paint is visible.
  • Serious scratches: the most serious type of scratch that exposes the color of the steel of the body and is visible from a distance; In this case it is necessary to go to a body and paint professional.

How to fix car scratches: homemade tricks

If you detect a type of scratch belonging to any of the first two categories, keep reading to discover the best tricks to repair them with homemade products or products dedicated to this type of damage.

Polish paste

If the scratches are barely noticeable we can resort to this solution, which is none other than repairing the damage with polish paste or polish. It is a repair paste of scratches composed of a mixture of natural and synthetic products that must be applied with a microfiber cloth or a sponge on the surface of the body to be repaired. Depending on the level of damage, we will have to apply more or less quantity and passes to achieve an optimal result; Yes, it works better on light colors than dark ones.

How to fix car scratches: homemade tricks

Spray paint

Spray paint is another solution for minor damage to the bodywork; must apply a spray on the damaged part the same color as the body. To find out the color code, you can check it on a label usually under the hood or in the trunk with a code made up of letters and numbers; It can also be found in the vehicle's technical data. It is not advisable to spray beyond the affected area.

Scratch Repair Cloth

Spray paint is another valid solution for shallow, barely visible scratches. It must be applied through a special mitten on the damaged part of the car body, rubbing repeatedly for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the depth of the scratches. After application, the area should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth to remove any traces on the bodywork.

How to fix car scratches: homemade tricks

Marker or brush

The last option is for slightly deeper damage and as a temporary solution, before applying any of the other previous solutions or going through the hands of a professional. And it is also possible only hide the scratch painting the affected area with a special body paint marker or brush, an object that car brands themselves usually sell to their clients to minimally repair a scratch or dent, trying to hide it. Of course, it must be exactly the same body color and share the same paint code.

How to fix car scratches: homemade tricks

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