How to remove Instagram active green dot

The best tricks to hide that you are online on Instagram and use the popular social network stealthily, so that no one sees that you are active

Let's see how to remove asset from instagram, so that no one sees that You're online on the popular social network and you can use it stealthy way. And if you are looking for a way to on Instagram see you offline even if you are connected, here is how to achieve it. Because sometimes you just want to disconnect from the world and no one knows that you are connected to Instagram at that precise moment. Therefore, do not miss how to remove the active green dot from instagram eliminating the green dot so that no one knows you are there.

How to remove the status green dot from Instagram

So if you want use Instagram without anyone knowing You just have to follow our advice to avoid appearing online in the famous social network to share photos, videos, stories, Reels and more. Thanks to our trick, you will be able to continue using Instagram on incognito mode and let no one bother you; You can even write and receive messages but with the assurance that no one will see you connected. Do you want to discover how to remove green dot from Instagram? Keep reading.

How to connect to Instagram without appearing active

If you want to connect to Instagram but without appearing active or offline, you can easily enable the option through the app's menus. To do this you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Instagram application on your mobile.
  2. Now click on the three horizontal lines icon located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on the option Setting.
  4. Access the section of Privacy.
  5. Now click on Activity status.
  6. Disable the option Show activity status.

How to remove Instagram active green dot

And that's it! In this way now you will appear offline when you access Instagram and no one will know that you are online. So in just a few seconds you can start using Instagram stealthily so that no one bother while you're online.

Now you know how to remove the green dot from Instagram and start using the app stealthily so that no one knows that you are online.

How to remove Instagram active green dot

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