What are the requirements of the Moves III plan?

He Moves III Plan Help buy environmentally friendly cars. It also supports the provision of chargers for electric vehicles. In this plan, we explain what you need to know to receive this aid. And the rules to be part of it.

What is the MOVES III Plan?

He Moves III Plan it's a aid program of the Government of Spain. It is made to encourage people to buy sustainable vehicles. It also seeks to reduce carbon emissions. It was launched due to the COVID-19 crisis.

It not only supports the purchase of electric cars. It also helps to set up charging points and takes other measures. All this encourages the use of clean technologies.

It focuses on making transportation greener. Promoting sustainable cars helps use less fossil fuels. Thus, we move towards a more efficient and cleaner way of moving.

He Moves III Plan It also helps the economy. Grows the electric car industry and creates jobs in sustainable mobility. This makes the country more competitive and careful with the environment.

In conclusion, the Moves III Plan encourages buying vehicles that take care of the planet. It is a way in which everyone, both individuals and companies, can help. We help build a better future.

What are the requirements of the Moves III Plan?

The Moves III Plan helps you buy sustainable vehicles and to put charging points. To receive these grants, you must meet certain criteria. Below, I show you what you need depending on your situation.

Requirements for natural persons

People interested in Plan Moves III grants should follow these steps:

  • Have residence in Spain.
  • Not having obtained aid for efficient vehicles before.
  • Have requested maximum aid from the Moves III Plan.

Requirements for legal entities

Companies and self-employed workers can also request aid from the Moves III Plan. Here is what they must comply with:

  • Be duly incorporated in Spain.
  • Not having obtained more than 30 grants from the Moves III Plan.
  • Not having used other subsidies to purchase efficient vehicles.

Requirements for people with reduced mobility

For those with reduced mobility, the Moves Plan has specific conditions. Let's see what they need:

  • A reduced mobility certificate valid in Spain.
  • Have received only one aid from the Moves III Plan.

It is essential to know that the Moves III Plan subsidies affect personal income tax. So, consider this point when requesting them.

Type of beneficiaryMaximum number of aidsPrevious aid received
Physical persons1No
Legal persons30No
People with reduced mobility1No

How much money is the Moves III Plan?

The Moves III Plan offers aid and discounts for purchasing certain vehicles. Additionally, if you hand in an old car, you will receive an extra. For example, electric passenger cars that travel more than 90 km per charge can obtain up to 7,000 euros. Electric vans, for their part, could be discounted up to 9,000 euros. This effort shows the interest of the Government of Spain in promoting cleaner cars.

In 2021, the Moves III Plan has a budget of 400 million euros. With this money, the aim is to encourage the change to vehicles that are less harmful to the planet. This motivates people to choose more sustainable options.

Vehicle typeAmount of aid
Electric passenger cars or PHEVUp to 7,000 euros
Electric vansUp to 9,000 euros

Differences between autonomous communities

Within the scope of the Moves III Plan, each autonomous community of Spain acts differently. This is seen in how funds are delivered, how aid is requested, and who manages it.

The amount of funding each location receives depends on its size and needs. Some have already used their money, and others still have funds to give.

To request aid, the rules vary. Some use websites to make it easy, while others ask to go in person to deliver papers. It is key to know how this varies in each site.

Those in charge of aid also change between regions. Some areas have their own entities for this. In others, they are processed through groups linked to issues of sustainable mobility.

Despite the differences, it is viable to seek and obtain this aid. If you fit the Moves III Plan profile, it is still useful to live in one community or another. Thus, you can improve access to sustainable vehicles and charging points.

Example of allocation of funds by autonomous community

Autonomous communityAllocation of Funds (in millions of euros)
Canary Islands15
Castile and León12
Castilla la Mancha8
Basque Country15
The Rioja3
Valencian Community25

How to complete the Moves III Plan application

To complete the Moves III Plan application, follow certain steps and submit the necessary documents. Although how help is requested varies by community, here are the general steps:

1. Previous research:

First, research the requirements of your autonomous community. Learn about the documents and formalities necessary is crucial. This information must be current.

2. Complete the online form:

After you have all the documentation, fill out the online form. It is vital to put correct information in all fields. Some fields will be mandatory, so don't forget to complete them correctly.

3. Attach the necessary documentation:

As part of the application, it is necessary to attach certain documents. What is requested may change from one community to another. In general, you will need your DNI, the vehicle's circulation permit, and if applicable, a scrap certificate.

Other additional documentation may be requested by your community. Make sure you have all documents ready and up to date.

4. Review and submit the application:

Before sending it, review all your information and documents. You must be sure that everything is correct. Then, follow the instructions to submit your request.

Please note that reviewing and accepting requests may take time, depending on your community's workload. If you want to know the status of your application, stay informed through the contact methods that the autonomous community makes available to you.

Initiating and completing the Moves III Plan application takes time and effort, but by following the steps and submitting the necessary documents, you increase the possibility of obtaining aid and benefits from the program. It is important for the environment and contributes to a healthier future. Remember, the sustainable mobility It is key to the well-being of the planet.

MOVES III plan for the installation of charging points

The Moves III Plan helps install charging points for electric cars. It provides grants that cover up to 70% of the cost for individuals and communities. For companies and public entities with power of at least 50 kW, coverage is 55%.

Also note that these aids are used for public and private chargers. It is not mandatory to have an electric car to take advantage of them.

Type of beneficiaryEligible fee
Individuals and communities of ownersUp to 70% of the installation cost
Companies and public entities with public access charging and power greater than or equal to 50 kWUp to 55% of the installation cost

These aids are essential to promote the necessary charging of electric cars. They help promote more sustainable means of transportation. The installation of these points is key for a greener environment and for the comfort and safety of drivers.

The best electric cars of 2021

Currently, there are many electric cars with great advantages. Some favorites in 2021 are the Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.4 and BMW i3. Each car stands out in something, such as its price, autonomy or safety. It is key to do your research before purchasing to see what is best for you.

Let's meet this year's leaders in different categories:

Sustainable luxury vehicle:

  • Tesla Model S: One of the most advanced cars, this electric sedan combines power and elegance. It is perfect if you are looking for luxury along with your commitment to the environment.

Compact sustainable vehicle:

  • Nissan Leaf: With great autonomy and attractive design, this compact is very popular. It is easy and fun to drive, making it excellent for the city.

Sustainable SUV vehicle:

  • Audi e-tron: This luxury SUV stands out for its sporty design and advanced electrical technology. It is the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency.

These cars are just some of the best of 2021. Choosing the ideal car depends on what you need and can spend. It is always good to compare options before deciding. This way, you can enjoy an electric car to the fullest.


The Moves III Plan is ideal if you are looking for an eco-friendly car or want to install a charging point. Help encourage the use of green cars. If you meet the requirements and want to lower emissions, this is your opportunity.

Thanks to this plan, you will use less fuel, improve the air and reduce harmful gases. Also, by installing charging points, you will help to have more places for electric cars.

The Government of Spain cares about the planet and fights against global warming with Moves III. It's your chance to do something good for the earth. Don't miss the chance and join Moves III now!