Homemade tricks to clean window glass

The best tricks to get perfectly clean windows and save money on cleaning products: the cleanest windows quickly and easily

Let's see how to clean window glass and thus achieve completely clean glass without the need for extra cleaning products. cleaning. Thus, and thanks to our tricks, you will save time and money to ensure that the glass of your doors and windows is spotless; and the task of cleaning windows is quite arduous, since it is a part of the home that is continually exposed to climate and pollution. Luckily, below we tell you the best tips to make your work easier and get the cleaner and brighter crystals with the least possible effort.

How to clean windows easily, cleaning tricks and video

The best tricks for cleaning glass

Follow our advice to save you hours of work and hundreds of euros in unnecessary products to get the cleanest glass. Easily get the cleaner glass, shiny and impeccable that you can imagine with our tricks.

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Clear cloudy days

The solutions (homemade or commercial) that you use to clean your window glass should remain on the surface for a few minutes to trap all the dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a cloudy day for cleaning the windows, since this way the aqueous solution will not evaporate prematurely due to the sun's rays and will have time to trap the dirt on the glass. Thus, you will avoid unsightly marks on the glass.

Homemade cleaning solution

If you want to use your own homemade cleaning solution instead of buying different industrial products, you can do it and achieve great results. To do this, mix one part white vinegar other three hot water; shake the solution vigorously. If you want to avoid the smell of vinegar, you can also add some drops of lemon or lime.

Homemade tricks to clean window glass

Another very effective homemade solution is achieved through the mixture of:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 3 tablespoons white vinegar
  • Half a teaspoon of liquid detergent

You introduce the mixture you make into a spray can and you will have the definitive homemade solution to achieve perfect cleaning of the windows in your home.

Use newspaper

A very effective method to avoid scratching the glass when cleaning it is to do it with old newspaper, never new, since the freshest ink can leave stains on the glass. And thanks to the paper, you can rub well without fear of scratching the glass; In addition, the newspaper leaves a small invisible layer that helps the crystals to be more resistant to dirt.

Change cloths for coffee filters

Another way to save yourself rags or cleaning cloths is to use coffee filters. Yes, you read that right, coffee filters. And thanks to soft material What they are made of, they are ideal for rubbing window panes and exterior doors well without fear of scratching them or leaving marks and stains on them.

Homemade tricks to clean window glass

The best cleaning techniques

We are going to detail a couple of cleaning techniques that will be very useful to achieve the best results with the least possible effort. To begin with, if the glass is very dirty it is best to use a very damp porous sponge and rub the glass from top to bottom to avoid dripping water. When you finish you can choose a microfiber cloth to polish the glass when it has dried, always being careful not to leave lint from the cloth stuck to the glass.

On the other hand, to clean the interior windows of the home you can choose to carry out horizontal movements, while for exterior glass you can do it with vertical movements. This way, if there are marks left, you can quickly identify the side of the glass without having to look closely at which part needs to be reviewed.

Don't forget the blinds

Finally, we must not forget about the blinds, an element that is usually present in most exterior windows and that can give a very bad impression from the outside if they are excessively dirty, especially if they are white. In this case you don't need to be so careful, although we should not press too hard to avoid damaging the aluminum shelves. You can choose to pass very damp old cloths and, once most of the dirt has been removed, spray them with a antiseptic spray to leave them like new.

Homemade tricks to clean window glass

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