How to know the balance in Orange

Check your balance on your Orange mobile: minutes and gigabytes you have left

Let's see how to know the balance in Orange, so that you can check the balance of your cellphone, as well as the minutes and gigabytes what do you have left. And there are many people who are continually aware of save mobile data and calling minutes contracted per month, so as not to exhaust the calls or gigs to surfing the Internet. Therefore, we offer you a guide with everything you need to know about how to know the balance in Orange, in addition to checking the consumption of minutes or recharging your card.

How to check the balance in Orange: minutes and gigabytes

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Orange, like other operators, offers several prepaid packages that allow the balance to be used instead of a contract; These are packages that include data and minutes for the next four weeks. After four weeks, the user receives an SMS indicating that the balance has been depleted and that you must recharge the card to use the contracted minutes and gigabytes again. That is why it is very useful know how much balance is left to recharge it or not.

How to check the balance in Orange

To check the balance in Orange it can be done through three different methods, either from the Orange app, from the orange website or by phone. Follow the following steps depending on the chosen method:

My Orange application

  1. With the My Orange app downloaded, log in with your personal information (username and password).
  2. Access the main screen.
  3. The available balance will appear.
  4. Click on My balance.
  5. The consumption, calls, SMS and megabytes you have spent and those you have left will appear.

Orange website

  1. Go to My Orange customer area from the official website through the following link.
  2. Log in with your personal information (username and password).
  3. Select the line you want to consult if you have several prepaid lines.
  4. Go to General information.
  5. The available balance will appear.

Telephone number 111

You can check your balance until five times a month for free by calling 111 with your mobile Remember that each extra consultation has a price of 25 euro cents. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access your mobile keyboard.
  2. Press *111#.
  3. Mark the call button.
  4. The remaining available balance will be displayed.

How to know the balance in Orange

How to check consumption on prepaid cards

Again we have two options to check consumption on prepaid cards, either through the My Orange customer area wave My Orange app. In this case, the steps are the same as the previous section, since in addition to seeing the balance you will also see the minutes consumed that month. So much so, that when accessing the My Orange customer area and after identifying yourself with your phone number and password, you will be able to consult the available balance of the card, in addition to the navigation megabytes consumed or spoken minutes, among others.

On the other hand, it is also possible to check consumption in Orange from the My Orange app; To do this, access the application and click on My Balance. In that section information will appear such as the detailed consumption, the calls made, the megabytes consumed or the remaining balance, among others.

How to check previous consumption

It is also possible to consult previous consumption of your contract at Orange, also from the Orange customer area through the invoices from previous months, in which the minutes and megabytes spent, among others. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access the orange website with your username and password to log in.
  2. Click on the option Bills in the top menu.
  3. Go to the bar chart on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select the invoice corresponding to the month for which you want to check consumption.

This way you can see all the details of the consumption of your card or contract from Orange.

How to top up the balance

If you need top up your card balance of Orange you can do it easily from the official website from Orange. Thus, if you have checked the balance with any of the previous methods and need to top up the balance, you can do so through the following steps:

  1. Access the official website from Orange and enter your personal information to log in.
  2. Go to the option Reload a card.
  3. Write the phone number of which you want to recharge the balance.
  4. Choose the recharge amount from 5 euros (the amount will increase by 5 euros).
  5. Select the payment method between credit card or another online method.
  6. Fill in the remaining recharge details and confirm.

How to know the balance in Orange

After a few minutes you will receive your balance recharge Orange; Remember that you can recharge up to a maximum of 50 euros a day and 90 euros per month through a maximum of three recharges in the same day for the same phone number or a maximum of three recharges in the same day using the same payment method.

How to know the balance in Orange

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