Tips to lose weight permanently

We offer you a clear guide of the best tips for you to lose weight constantly without the dreaded rebound effects.

Most of us, at the most critical moments of the year, take stock of the excesses to which we have subjected our body and those extra kilos that we have gained in the process. These moments are usually after Christmas to recover from binge eating, before summer to look cool and after the summer holidays where eating and enjoying as if there were no tomorrow becomes our favorite slogan.

A healthy diet is the best diet for lasting weight loss.

Let's not go crazy with drastic and dangerous diets for our health; What if the pineapple diet, soup, detox juices... that in the end are going to make us suffer by starving us, generating anxiety, bad mood, problems to our health and a rebound effect don't move...come on, a patch that doesn't benefit us in any way.

What you have to be clear about is that we have to give ourselves a logical time for changes to occur in our body, if we want to do things well, we have to have a minimum of patience; At least we are going to follow these guidelines for 1 month (it would be like a mini tune-up plan), but the ideal would be to maintain them all year long since the changes we will notice will be notable and we will not go hungry nor will we wreak havoc on our body.

We are going to compile a series of tips to get us started and we will expand articles with more detailed information on how to lose these extra kilos permanently.

The 10 Commandments to lose weight:

  1. I will stay away from refined flours and products Pre-cooked; Yes I know that the easiest thing is to buy a frozen lasagna, rather than some bagged potatoes... but these products have thousands of ingredients that we are not interested in and that will fill you with sugars, empty calories, preservatives... and a long etc. that we are not even going to to explain. By refined flours we mean white bread, industrial pastries, non-whole wheat pasta... basically what is removed is the fiber from the original product and we are left with a result that is very little nutritious and once again with empty calories.

  2. I will do 3 main meals a day and 2 or 3 snacks; It is important that we eat every 3-4 hours so as not to have insulin spikes or hunger. The ideal would be to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and a less abundant mid-morning and mid-afternoon (or even a dinner if we go to bed late)

  3. I will prioritize fresh and natural products; Fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, eggs, milk (infinitely better vegetables like oats and rice), nuts, whole grains (I'm not referring to breakfast cereals but to the type of food; oats, quinoa, rye, spelled, wheat if you can avoid it, the better), tubers… (you should visit tips for a basic pantry to lose weight)

  4. I will move the ass of the sofa; The best friend of love handles is a sedentary lifestyle and we all know it. Find an activity that you like; walk fast, run, go to dance, gym, bike... and get your act together. The ideal would be between 3 and 5 hours a week of work and part of this try to walk to all the places you can.

  5. I will rest enough during the night; Yes, although you have never thought about it, if you don't get enough sleep this can help consolidate the extra pounds. Your body recovers during the night and if you don't sleep well you activate ghrelin, which is a hormone that increases appetite, you will have less energy to do sports,... come on, you better rest your hours if you want to achieve your goals.

  6. You will read the labels of the products you buy at the supermarket; You are going to be amazed by the abundance of extra and not recommended ingredients that most supermarket products include. A clear example is that most of the cold cuts of turkey breast that you find on the shelves do not even reach the “50% of turkey breast”… try to choose the products with fewer “extras” and avoid those that include sugar in their composition.

  7. I will eat alcohol, pastries, fried foods and junk food only in special occasions; If you are doing a one-month taper, try to avoid them directly during that period. If you are one of those who are going to follow these guidelines throughout the year, you can give yourself one free meal a week and eat all these treats (I put “free meal” not “free day”).

  8. I will not eat for gluttony, only until I feel satisfied; We will all feel identified with this point. Many times we eat out of pure anxiety, we eat sweets and devour enormous quantities that later take their toll. We have to learn to differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger. A good trick is to serve your portion on the plate and under no circumstances repeat it.

  9. I will drink at least 2 liters of water a day; hydration is vital. Your body needs it to function and purge itself of toxins properly. You have seen that I say water and not “liquid”. I would only count water and infusions. Don't even think about drinking unnecessary calories; Forget about the juice that everyone says is super healthy (moderately healthy juice is vegetable juice, NOT fruit juice, and always better in smoothies since when we make the juice we load up on all the fiber that is nutritious in it. fruits and vegetables...fruit juice, so we understand each other, is like drinking a glass of water with sugar). No soft drinks (if you're in a hurry, a light coke from time to time isn't horrible either, or alcohol every day... I'll summarize what you do: water, infusions and you can also have some coffee.

  10. I will have my positive mind and I will try to relativize it so that stress does not dominate me; Attitude, like everything in life, is essential. If you start anything like this nutritional plan seeing it as a punishment, you will fail because without realizing it you will self-boycott it. Make a list of reasons why you do it and make it your mantra for your daily life. And friends, stress is the figure's worst friend; It makes you anxious and activates a hormone called cortisol that increases insulin and this leads to an increase in appetite, desire for sweets and carbohydrates in general, you block fat loss... come on, we're not interested.

With these tips you will have where to start, but we will give you new tips to facilitate your path to success in your fight against love handles.