Trick to repair scratches on the screen of our smartphone

Follow our tips to fix scratches on your iOS and Android devices

The smartphones iOS and Android have become essential devices in our daily lives and therefore They have to withstand harsh conditions of use. This can cause damage and scratches on increasingly exposed screens due to its increasing size; If these scratches are minor, we can choose to try to repair them on our own without having to send the terminal for repair to the manufacturer, something that could involve a considerable financial outlay. Follow our tips to fix scratches on our mobile devices.

How to polish the glass of our screens

How to polish the glass of our screens

Most current smartphones use glass as the material for their screens, so scratches can be more worrying than on other types of screens. For it, We can use a chemical product such as cerium oxide in powder form or in already mixed solution format.. If we opt for the cheapest solution, we only have to have 100 grams of cerium oxide powder and a container with water; follow the next steps:

  • Mix the powder with water until you get a liquid paste

Must mix between 50 and 100 grams of cerium oxide in a small container with water until you obtain a liquid paste. To do this we will have to pour water while stirring the mixture until we obtain a pasty product.

  • Cover the surfaces of the smartphone that are not part of the screen

Since this mixture is corrosive, it is advisable cover the sensitive parts of our terminal and that they are not part of the screen. A little adhesive tape will do the trick.

  • Apply the pasty solution on the scratches on the screen

Once we have the rest of the mobile protected We can apply the pasty solution to the screen with a soft cloth, especially on the most damaged areas.. While we apply the solution, it is advisable to check the condition of the scratches to see if they improve. Approximately every 30 seconds, we can clean the application and reapply the paste if necessary.

How to polish the glass of our screens

  • Clean the screen once we have finished the application

When we see that the scratches have disappeared, we must clean the screen with the appropriate soft cloth. Thus, we will eliminate any remains of the pasty solution applied and ensure that it does not cause new damage due to its corrosive properties.

Recommendations to avoid scratches on the screen

Use screen protectors

We have at our disposal various types of screen protectors in the form of adhesives, such as those made of plastic or tempered glass, which are somewhat more resistant. These protectors will protect our screen from the most common attacks, especially in the places where we transport our terminal.

How to polish the glass of our screens

Safe and secure transportation

Another method to prevent scratches is to use a safe and secure location for transportation. exist covers of all kinds to protect both the screen and the smartphone if we carry it in a bag or backpack or in our pockets, where there may be other objects that cause damage such as keys, coins, etc. In addition, they also protect the terminal from falls.

Clean the screen regularly

Another method to avoid scratches on the screen is to keep it as clean as possible in our daily lives, since This way we prevent dirt from causing unwanted scratches. We can do it with a soft or microfiber cloth that generally comes with smartphones.