How to remove mites from birds.

Many house birds often have mites, and many of us don't even realize it. In this article you will find the remedies against them and the symptoms

birds how parakeets either canaries they may have certain types of mites that can cause them a health problem. If our bird has mites, we must first know how to identify them, since there are red mites, the scaly mites and common mites.

  • The red mites They are more active at night. Check if your pet is restless or uncomfortable at night. 
  • The scaly mites They are easy to detect, we simply have to look at the scales on our bird's fingers and check if their color, size, shape or texture has changed.
  • The common mites They usually show scaly patches on the fingers, eyelids, cloaca, and wing tips.

How do I get rid of red mites?

The first thing we should do when feeling the presence of red mites, is clean the cage very well to be able to eliminate them. These mites only move at night, and during the day they hide in the corners of the cage. Release the bird for a while, either leave it somewhere else and clean and disinfect

We can use a veterinary disinfectant to clean the cage well, or failing that white vinegar and boiling water. It is advisable to use a brush to get into all the corners. Finally, let dry in the sun. After cleaning It is also advisable to use disinfectants that are useful for pets.

Finally, if we want eliminate red mites with 100%, we must also combat those that sleep on our pets. Is It is advisable to use a powder against mites and lice, and Avimec anti-mite medicine.

Depending on the bird you have, you can release it or lock it in another place.

How do I get rid of scale mites?

The scaly mites They usually have a more direct treatment for our pets, and it is advisable to use the avimec medicine in the neck skin once a week for 3 weeks. This will remove it. 

If our bird has respiratory problems You could also have the famous mite called air sac mite. Pay attention to your breathing to find out. This type of mites also is treated with medication, but it must be worn behind the wings. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to go to the vet, this type of mite can even be fatal. 

The vet is always the best option.

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