How to log out of Amazon

We teach you all the tricks so that you can log out of Amazon/Amazon Prime on all your devices (PC, mobile phones and SmartTV) and thus protect your account

Let's see how to log out of amazon, the popular online shopping platform, on all your devices, so that no one can access your profile without your permission and can buy online impersonating your identity. And although there is nothing more convenient than quickly accessing our Amazon account from our mobile or computer and managing our purchases with a few clicks, leave the session open With our data exposed to third parties it can be dangerous. Therefore, below we explain how to log out amazon on all your devices.

How to Log Out of Your Amazon Account From the Mobile Application?

Amazon: How to Sign Out of All Devices

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Currently, Amazon accumulates a good part of the shopping that are done online and there are many potential accounts that could be compromised by third parties, including your subscription to Amazon Prime. And the most common thing is that the majority of its users never close their accounts on the devices with which they access Amazon, exposing their personal data to other people.

The situation is complicated if you do not have the two-step verification, so anyone else who has access to one of your devices with your active Amazon account could use it in an illegitimate way. And in case of fraud by another person who uses your account, Amazon will not be responsible and no claim can be made, since The ultimate person responsible for each account is its owner.

For all this and much more, we are going to explain in detail how to sign out of amazon on all devices, something that should always be done after using your own personal account.

How to Sign Out of Amazon on PC

Let's start with the most common logout, which is purchases through computer or PC. Thus, to log out of Amazon on your computer you just have to put the mouse over the section Hello [username] Account and lists to open the options menu and click the last one in the list: Sign off.

Additionally, and thanks to this menu, you can perform several other actions related to your Amazon account, such as switch between user accounts that you have added. On the other hand, you can also manage the devices associated with your Amazon account or Amazon apps that you use. Following the previous route, click on Manage content and device and click Devices.

How to log out of Amazon

When accessing Applications You will see the devices registered to your account (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.) and if you do not recognize one or it belongs to another person, you can click on Unregister, in order to veto their access. Next time it will be necessary to enter your user and password.

How to log out on iOS and Android phones

You are also more than likely to use Amazon from your mobile, whether iOS (iPhone) or Android. Therefore, we are going to see how to log out from the Amazon app for mobile devices.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Amazon app for mobile devices.
  2. Click on it three horizontal lines icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. In the pop-up menu click on Setting.
  4. In the following menu click on the option Go out and confirm the action again in Go out.

This will log you out of Amazon on your mobile device. Again, to access again you will have to enter your user and password.

How to log out of Amazon

How to log out of Amazon on SmartTV

In the case of the current smart tvs, what we will do next is log out of Amazon Prime in a SmartTV, or what is the same, log out of the streaming service Prime Video, an extra Amazon Prime service with audiovisual content.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Access your user profile in the app Prime Video of your Smart TV.
  2. Now go to the tab Setting.
  3. At the bottom you will see the option Sign off; select this option and confirm.

Now you know how to sign out of Amazon on all your devices, so that you do not put your personal data at risk.

How to log out of Amazon

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