Cultural bonus 400 euros: how to apply to buy video games, music and tickets

What is the cultural bonus and how to apply for the 400 euro subsidy to buy movies, games, movie tickets, books, subscriptions and much more

Let's see What is the cultural bonus of 400 euros and how to request it to buy all kinds of cultural products, services and subscriptions. And it is that he Government of Spain has approved the call Young Cultural Bonus of 400 euros, aid aimed at younger people so that they can consume more cultural products (such as music, books, video game, show tickets...), so that the younger population can once again approach the cultural sectors after the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19. Therefore, below we are going to explain what is the cultural bonus of 400 euros, how to apply and in what can be spent this new help.

Cultural bonus of 400 euros: what it is and how to apply

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What is the Young Cultural Bonus

He Young Cultural Bonus It is an aid or subsidy from the Government of Spain for the youngest, specifically, for those who turn 18 during 2022. Thus, those who access help will receive 400 euros for the purchase of cultural products, services and activities from different areas.

Thanks to this subsidy it is intended boost the cultural sector after the difficulties experienced during the coronavirus pandemic; For this, financial aid is granted to promote the purchase and consumption of this type of services and products, instead of directly giving a sum of money to each beneficiary. Those who receive the 400 euros will have 12 months to spend the money from the moment of receiving the help.

Of course, as we say, it is only for those who turn 18 during 2022. Therefore, those people who are 18 years old but turn 19 this year are left out of the subsidy; The same happens with the rest of young people who are over 18 years old.

How to request the Young Cultural Bonus

Those who turn 18 in 2022 will be able to access the application for the Young Cultural Bonus. It will be processed through a technological platform that has not yet been launched. Once it is enabled, each interested party will be able to access their request and add the services or products on which to spend the 400 euros. That is, the subsidy money can only be spent on those entities that appear on the platform, yet to be confirmed.

Applications will be processed by order of presentation and those who are approved will receive the total amount of 400 euros through a virtual prepaid card in his name. This means that the fertilizer is sole proprietorship and that only the beneficiary can use it, since it is only in his name.

As we say, once the payment is received, the beneficiary will have a maximum of 12 months from the moment you receive it. If the person who receives the cultural bonus does not have a mobile phone compatible with the virtual card, they may request one physical card.

Cultural bonus 400 euros

What can you spend money on?

The 400 euros cannot be spent in the same cultural sector, but rather they are divided into three major areas. Each of these cultural areas will have a maximum expense, which is as follows:

  • Up to 200 euros in arts in live performances, cultural heritage and audiovisual art: Tickets and passes for performing arts such as live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and performing, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals.
  • Up to 100 euros in cultural products in physical format: Books, magazines, press and periodicals, as well as video games, vinyl records, CDs or movies on DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Up to 100 euros in digital or online consumption: Subscriptions to musical, reading or audio-reading, audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of ebooks, subscription to podcasts, subscriptions to online video games, digital subscriptions to press, magazines or other periodical publications. Of course, subscriptions will have a time limit of 4 months.

Now you know what it is Young Cultural Bonus of 400 euros, how to request it and what cultural products and services to spend it on. Enjoy your grant if you are one of the lucky ones it is available to!

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