Pluto TV free in Spanish: how to download

We tell you what Pluto TV is, what channels it has and how to download it for free to watch its content without registration on its website, mobile phones and SmartTV

Let's see what it is and how to watch Pluto TV for free, the free streaming platform with up to 100 channels with all kinds of content, available without the need to register. And thanks to Pluto TV, it is possible to access a great television offer beyond DTT in exchange for showing some advertising to monetize its platform so that users do not have to pay, something similar to what it does Youtube. Do not miss how to access free Pluto TV in Spanish and enjoy its programming through its website, its app for iOS and Android mobile phones and on Smart TV.

How to Download and Install Pluto TV on my PC, Smart TV, Mobile and Roku

What is Pluto TV and how to watch for free in Spanish

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What is Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a online television platform with a catalog of up to 100 channels. You can see its contents through its website, its app for mobiles iOS (available for free on the App Store) and Android (available for free on Google Play) and on SmartTV with Tizen and webOS operating systems from brands such as LG and Samsung. Likewise, you can access Pluto TV through Movistar+, AppleTV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

As we say, it is an on-demand online television platform with integrated ads, thanks to which you can access their entire offer completely free. And don't suffer from advertising, ads are very short and unintrusive. In addition, the channels it offers are different from those of DTT, with many thematic channels with their own content.

Pluto TV free in Spanish: how to download

On the other hand, it also offers on-demand content such as movies, series and programs that you can watch whenever you want, as if Netflix or other streaming platform; Yes, the offer for now is very limited. In short, Pluto TV is a hybrid platform with television channels and on-demand content.

How to access Pluto TV for free

There are several methods to enjoy Pluto TV content. So, if you want to access Pluto TV on your Internet navigator you just have to access your official website or open its official application on your SmartTV or smartphone/tablet. When you enter, it will take a few seconds to load and in no time you will start watching one of its channels.

When you access you will go directly to the section live TV, place from which you will access the rest of the platform's channels. At the bottom you will see the different sections such as the list of channels and their programming, so you can easily find the channel you want to watch. Additionally, at the bottom right you can access Guide, to see all programming from all channels; While you make any query you will continue to see the live content in a small window.

Pluto TV free in Spanish: how to download

At the top you will see the content that is being broadcast at that moment and if you hover your mouse over it you will see the playback controls, as well as the full view option. Another option available is to share the link to the content by Facebook, Twitter or by copying the link to any other app. Of course, you will not be able to change the language and put it in the original version.

The on-demand content section is in On Demand where you will see a list of programs available to watch whenever you want, also with integrated advertising. Another interesting section is Look for, where you can write live or on-demand channels and content in its search bar; This is the Pluto TV search engine.

Regarding mobile and SmartTV applications, all the previous functionalities are maintained, although with a adapted design to each platform.

Pluto TV free in Spanish: how to download

What channels does Pluto TV have?

Pluto TV has in 2022 a total of 100 channels, although over time more and more will be added; others may disappear. The number of channels varies over time. Still, there is a permanent catalog of channels that do not vary; are the following:


  • Pluto TV Cinema
  • Pluto TV Cinema Action
  • Pluto TV Cinema Drama
  • Pluto TV Movie Comedy
  • Pluto TV Cinema Horror
  • Pluto TV Cine Stellar


  • Pluto TV Anime
  • Pluto TV Novels
  • Pluto TV Series
  • Pluto TV Competitions
  • Pluto TV Latin Series
  • Pluto TV Sports
  • Pluto TV Series Retro
  • Classic Telefe
  • Vintage MTV


  • Pluto TV Investigates
  • Pluto TV Reality
  • Pluto TV Nature


  • Pluto TV Kitchen
  • Pluto TV Travel


  • Pluto TV Kids
  • Classic Nick
  • Nick Jr. Club
  • Pluto TV Junior

Additionally, Pluto TV offers a series of thematic channels dedicated to specific programs such as Doctor Who, Pawns to the Beast or Top Gear, among many others, as well as several MTV music channels.

Pluto TV free in Spanish: how to download

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