Google Drive Simulator: how to use for free

Do you want to drive around the world from the comfort of your iOS/Android mobile or PC? Learn how to use the free Google Maps driving simulator

Let's see how to use Google Drive Simulator, the driving simulator that allows you to drive anywhere in the world through your iOS or Android mobile or your computer via Google Maps. Do you want to drive down Fifth Avenue in New York? Would you like to take a drive around the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or walk along Barcelona's Paseo de Gracia as if you were driving through its streets? Now it is possible thanks to the simulator Frame Synthesis Together with the google maps to offer a unique driving simulation experience anywhere in the world, no matter how far from civilization it may be. Do not miss how to use Google Drive Simulator and get all the performance.

What it is and how to use Google Drive Simulator

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What is Google Drive Simulator

Originally released in 2014, Google Drive Simulator has received numerous software improvements in 2021, in order to offer a much better simulation experience realistic and complete anywhere in the world. So much so, that the interface has been corrected, configuration options have been added latitude and longitude For location by coordinates, a stick specially designed for mobile devices and the vision on mobile phones and tablets has been improved.

All this together with different map views, camera tilts and direction buttons to offer a much more realistic view of the simulator. And thanks to 3D Driving Simulator for Google Maps, we can drive a car around any corner of the world through Google Maps. But, How does Google Drive Simulator work?

Google Drive Simulator: how to use for free

How Google Drive Simulator works

To access Google Drive Simulator you just have to enter your usual Internet browser, whether on a PC or mobile, and navigate to the official website of Frame Synthesis. The simulator will automatically open by pressing the button start.

At the top of the screen you will see the boxes latitude and longitude; If you want to search for a specific place using its coordinates, enter them here and click Enter to automatically move to that place on the planet.

The driving simulation is very simple and direct and you can quickly start through the direction arrows of the keyboard. As you can imagine, the left and right arrows are used to turn in those directions, while the up arrow is to move forward and the down arrow is to reverse.

In addition, the simulator itself offers several default locations; you can see them through the option Preset locations located at the top right of the screen. Among them you will find iconic places such as Manhattan, London, Tokyo, Paris or Las Vegas.

Google Drive Simulator: how to use for free

At the visualization level, since the simulator is based on Google Maps, it offers the same types of maps, from satellite view to map view, plus a mixture of both. It is also possible to configure the zoom on the map when driving, thus varying the viewing distance. Choose Zoom in to get closer to the car or Zoom out to get away

To configure the tilt of the view on the map press the buttons Tilt Down either Tilt Up; The first will be a practically perpendicular view of the car, while the second will be almost overhead. Regarding perspective, you can try the option North Up to view the car in perpendicular view and Head Up to view the camera from behind the vehicle. Finally, on the right you will see a virtual steering wheel that will move according to the directions we take.

Now you know everything you need to start enjoying Google Drive Simulator and start driving virtually anywhere in the world. Discover your favorite places as if you were driving a car!

Google Drive Simulator: how to use for free

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