How to download free digital books

The best methods and places to download digital books legally

The digital books increasingly occupy a prominent place in sales, making many readers switch from the traditional physical book format to enjoying their favorite readings in digital format through the calls eBooks or electronic books. And it is possible discharge thousands of free ebooks through the internet without the need to resort to piracy and with complete security. Therefore, below we offer you everything you need to know about how to download free digital books through a selection of methods and places to go to download digital books completely free and legal.

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How to download a digital book

Before going on to learn about the best websites to download free e-books, it is interesting to know the types of eBooks most common and their characteristics.

Types of electronic books or eBooks

There is a wide variety of electronic books or eBooks depending on the way of reading and its different options:

  • Text book: Linear layout of the pages.
  • narrated book: Reading narrated by voice.
  • still image book: Narrative through static illustrations.
  • animated picture book: Narrative through moving illustrations.
  • Multimedia book: Combination of text, sound, image, animation and video.
  • Polymedia book: Combination of eBook with other formats such as paper, disks, internet and more.
  • Hypermedia book: Combination of text, sound, image, animation and video with non-linear organization.
  • Smart e-book: Book that uses artificial intelligence to adapt the reading experience to the reader's needs.
  • Telemedia book: Book with communication options between users.

How to download free digital books

Free eBook download websites

Below we offer you the web pages and the most recommended online sites to download all kinds of electronic books completely free of charge.


The online sales platform Amazon is one of the most popular digital bazaars in the world and one of the main points of sale for books, both physical and electronic. And beyond its line of Kindle eBooks, Amazon offers a huge catalog of electronic books, both purchased and free. Thus, if you have a Kindle device, you can now access Amazon's free eBooks section and download numerous free digital copies, from classics of Spanish literature to great works from other countries, in Spanish, English and French.

How to download free digital books

National Library

The digital section of the National Library of Spain, the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, offers free access to thousands of digitized historical documents, from manuscripts to drawings and engravings, all completely free of charge.


Project considered the European Digital Library that receives continuous content updates of digitized works from cultural institutions of the member states of the European Union with books, artistic works, videos and sounds from Europe.

How to download free digital books

Project Gutenberg

One of the internet portals with the most free access literary works; It already has more than 60,000 books, most of them in English, whose rights have already expired in the United States. Access to the website is completely free and no type of app or registration is necessary.

How to download free digital books

Free ePub

One of the best websites to download free e-books with a catalog of more than 34,000 books with news week by week; It also offers other services such as user comments on each book and a complete forum.

How to download free digital books


Website with more than 50,000 books available for download in mobi and PDF; registration is required to download.

Web portal with more than 33,000 free books classified by subject and language.

Very complete database with all kinds of electronic books with three search mechanisms: by category, by author and through the search engine.


Website as a search engine to search and find books to download completely free of charge with information on the best free books on the Internet and a direct link to each copy.

Google Books

The popular internet search engine also has its own section dedicated to e-books, many of them free.


Website with more than 46,000 free books in Spanish available through categories or through its own search engine; In addition, it offers its own section with free books for Kindle.


Website of the publisher of the same name that offers paid and free e-books; Find your favorite books through the different themes.

PDF Books

Website created by a small number of users whose objective is to make reading available to as many people as possible. It offers all kinds of eBooks, including novels, stories, poetry and theater, all of them in PDF format.

How to download free digital books


Wikimedia offers a large digital library of books of all types and genres, from novels to stories, essays, poetry or theater, from all periods, from classicism to romanticism, modernism, realism, symbolism and more. . In addition, many of the books are available in Spanish.

How to download free digital books

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