How to find cheap gas stations with Google Maps

Learn how to activate the real-time price comparison of the service stations closest to your location

Next we will explain how to find cheap gas stations with Google Maps, the popular mapping service Google, so that you can enjoy the best fuel prices for your car or motorcycle and alleviate fuel price increases as much as possible. And if you drive many kilometers by car or any other vehicle, you will surely have noticed the different increases in the price of fuel. Therefore, we teach you how to activate the functionality Google Maps which allows you to find the gas stations closest to your position with the best prices.

Google MAPS already SHOWS the PRICE of GASOLINE

How to find gas stations with the best price

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How much does it cost to fill the tank

According to Europa Press, filling the tank currently costs practically the same as in 2014, the year in which the maximum price peaks of fuel in Spain. So much so, that the average liter of gasoline is 1,367 euros, a really high price, even more so for those who use a car or any other means of motorized transportation. In similar terms we can talk about diesel, with an average price of 1,231 euros the liter. In global terms, filling the tank is now about 13 euros more expensive that at the beginning of 2021 for a tank of about 55 liters. Therefore, what can we do to slightly alleviate the rise in fuel prices? Let's see how to find the cheapest gas stations closest to our position in real time.

How to find cheap gas stations

Google Maps offers all kinds of information through its maps, such as the radar position on the road, although it is also capable of informing you about the gas stations near your position; What's more, it can also offer you information about the prices of its fuels, so that you can decide which gas station to visit or not. Follow the steps below to activate this Google Maps functionality:

  1. Accede to Google Maps.
  2. Mark your current position and the destination you are going to.
  3. At the top of the screen, in the search engine, type the word “Fuel station”.
  4. Immediately, Google Maps will show you the nearby gas stations to your route with the minimum gasoline price of each of them.
  5. If you click on the icon of each gas station Specific information will be displayed, such as the route to get there, telephone number, reviews from other users or the price of the different fuels offered such as Unleaded 95, Unleaded 98, Diesel, etc.
  6. At the bottom of the screen click on the option See list to display a list with that same information with prices.

How to find cheap gas stations with Google Maps

So you can easily locate the nearest gas stations to your position with the cheapest fuel prices, so that you can choose and save a few cents, something that can translate into a good amount of euros over time.

How to find cheap gas stations with Google Maps

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