How to scan a Spotify code

We teach you how to create and scan Spotify QR codes to share songs

Next we will see how to create and scan Spotify QR codes so you can share your favorite songs with your friends. And if you are a music fan and you spend the day listening to music on Spotify, the popular music platform with millions and millions of songs from all genres, artists and styles, surely you have often wanted share this topic with someone new song from your favorite singer or group or that indie artist you just discovered. Luckily, you can share all the songs you want through the sharing system. QR codes that Spotify generates through your options; Once you have your QR code, you can share it via WhatsApp or by any other messaging app or social network, in addition to print your codes to use them wherever you want. Do not miss how to scan QR codes Spotify.

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How to scan Spotify QR codes

And one of the most interesting uses of Spotify QR codes is that you can share your QR code beyond the digital format; So much so, that you can save the QR code in analog form to include it on a flyer, a poster, a billboard or wherever you want. This is a very interesting option for unknown singers and groups who want to promote themselves. Therefore, let's see how to create and share your Spotify QR codes.

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How to create a Spotify QR code

Creating a Spotify QR code is very simple. You just have to access the Spotify theme song what you want to share and press the three dots icon to open the options menu. At the bottom of the screen the QR code of that song.

How to share a Spotify QR Code

Once you have the Spotify QR code on the screen, you will have several options at your disposal. From asking a friend to scan the QR code with your mobile To get direct access to that song on Spotify, perform a screenshot to save the QR code as an image and share it later through the app you consider, either WhatsApp either Telegram or social networks like Twitter either Facebook, to give a few examples.

How to scan a Spotify code

Although if you need a higher quality code you can access the website Spotify Codes to create said code in high definition. To do this, enter the URL of the QR code generated in Spotify in the blank box displayed on the screen; You can copy and paste it directly. Once you have it uploaded, click on the button Get Spotify Code and in a few seconds the same code will be generated in high definition. Although it is not necessary to share it with friends on WhatsApp, it can be very useful to print it or add it to a poster or sign that is going to print.

How to print a Spotify QR code

When you have your Spotify QR code created, either from your own Spotify app or from Spotify Codes, you have the option to print it. And since it is an image file, printing the QR code is not much of a secret; so much so, that you can follow the same steps as when it comes to print any other image or photo from your device or computer, either by directly pressing the print button of the image itself or paste it into another image file if you want it to be part of a composition. Whatever the method, make sure the image is not deformed.

How to scan a Spotify QR code

Now that you know how to create Spotify QR codes and even various options for printing them, you should also know how to scan them. For this you can count on Spotify Code Scanner. Thus, in the search menu with the magnifying glass icon you just have to click on it. camera button. With the camera open, you will only have to scan QR code as if you scanned any other code; In just a few seconds (and a good internet connection) you will have the song with said code ready to be played.

How to scan a Spotify code

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