9 things that girls hate about boys

You always say that no one understands us women, well here is a great guide for you to start doing it.

This article is just a special section for you guys if you are reading us, to give you some clues about those little things that you do and say, probably unconsciously, but that we we hate deeply.

Some things I'm going to comment on may sound cliché, but you know what? There are certain things that, no matter how many decades pass, we will ALWAYS hate you telling us and others that we will ALWAYS appreciate hearing, so it is better late than never and the sooner you know them, the sooner you will make us not want to cut your throat slowly or that we begin to see you with more “kinder” eyes.

Things that girls hate about boys, for example, looking at their cell phones

We hate you when…

  1. You talk about our weight or it appears as if you were talking to a “colleague”; forget, we are not like you, we will never stand in front of a mirror to play with our love handles making absurd faces and taking photos to immortalize it, nor do we feel proud when we see ourselves “big” in the mirror… so let's differentiate topics. We don't want you to know how much we weigh, nor do we want you to emphasize that we have been eating a little too much lately. Don't ask questions, don't make negative comments about our figure and don't make “affectionate” observations about our roundness, no matter how funny or innocent it may seem to you. Even if it's a lie for God's sake!! A “to me you are perfect just the way you are” is by far the best comment you can make about it.

  2. You use qualifiers like “big” or “short” when you refer to our height; yes, we always want feel feminine at your side and you don't know if we feel especially safe given the height that has touched us. If you want to make a comment about it, use “tall” with “I love feeling like I have a flag woman at my side” or if she is small, “I feel protective next to you and you are the perfect height to walk around hugging you.”

  3. You refer to our look as “floripondio”, “my mother has the same jacket”, “strange”…; Think that it takes us at least an hour to get ready for you when you probably spend only 10 minutes putting on the first thing you find in the closet. If only for the extra effort we deserve a little recognition or positive appreciation for ourselves. Opt for a “you are precious” or “you are so beautiful that more than one person is going to break their neck looking at you” and we will give you our most sincere smile.

  4. You only talk about yourselves and do not leave a gap in the conversation so that we can tell you anything about ourselves; This behavior tells us that you have an excessive ego and that you have no interest in us. Make an effort and try to balance the conversation a little.

  5. That you are constantly looking at the mobile; This is a horrible unisex custom. It gives the other person the feeling that you would rather be anywhere else. The world is not going to end because you spend a couple of hours without looking at your phone, unless of course you are Batman, from the restaurant you cannot see the light signals in the sky asking you for help and they can only ask you to rescue a damsel in trouble using your cell phone... You are not, you would like to... 

  6.  Your favorite topic of conversation is soccer; Okay, it's possible that there are more and more women who also like it and if that's the case, great, you already have a sports talk buddy, but the normal thing is that we hate it. So save the topic for when you are with your friends and try not to bore us with so much detail that we are not interested in, and if you can avoid forcing us to watch a game with you, the better.

  7. Stay with us and look out of the corner of your eye at the television or cell phone to see how the game is going; Yes, we return to the topic of football, it is no coincidence... are you beginning to understand how much we hate it?…if you are with us, focus on what you are doing and show a little interest.

  8. Don't remember the important things we told you; OK, maybe we don't have the same concept of important and sometimes we demand that you have an elephant's memory. It is not necessary that you remember all the details, if you remember a 10% of what we tell you it will be enough. We want to feel that you are listening to us and that you care, and when you tell us something, what do you like us to remember?

  9. You cancel an appointment at the last minute; for you the Cancel a plan because something has come up at the last minute or because for whatever reason it doesn't suit you in the end, it doesn't seem as traumatic to you as it does to us. You don't realize how much effort we put into preparing an appointment; Surely we will have done a thorough waxing (just in case), we have made the house look like a pin (lest the plan results in “the last one in my house”), we will have had a manicure and pedicure, a peeling to that the skin is perfect, we may have even gone to the hairdresser or we have spent 1 hour making those waves look natural, we have very probably bought an outfit or part of it especially for the occasion... and an endless etcetera that involve hours of preparation for what for us is an important event, and you go and leave us standing without thinking about the time we have dedicated to being perfect for you. Yes, we get a little confused, it's true, but that's how we are and that's why you adore us.