How to detect Pegasus on Android

Detecting Pegasus malware on your smartphone is not easy, but it is possible; We teach you how to detect it and the best tips to avoid it

Let's see how to detect Pegasus on Android, the famous malware capable of infecting mobile phones with extreme ease and which has been the subject of controversy in the field of Spanish politics. Beyond the controversy, many wonder if it is really possible to detect this type of virus; and the answer is affirmative, although it is practically impossible, since it uses very advanced hiding tools. Let's see how to detect pegasus in Android and the best tips to prevent our mobile from being infected with this malware.

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Pegasus on Android: how to detect and avoid

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What is Pegasus

Pegasus is a malware created by the Israeli company NSO intended for espionage of personalities such as politicians, business leaders, journalists with sensitive information, etc. And due to its sophistication and high price - around Half a million dollars-, it is practically impossible for any ordinary citizen to become infected with this computer virus. All in all, Pegasus' potential targets are actually very few individuals in the world compared to the rest of the population; although it is true that can reach any device. Let's see what methods Pegsas uses to infect mobile phones.

How Pegasus enters our mobile

While we are unlikely to be the target of Pegasus, its complex infection system makes very difficult to detect. A simple SMS message with a link to a supposed secure website is enough to infect a mobile device; or a email that can be passed off as a friendship or company. The moment the victim falls into the trap, the malware gains administrator permission of the infected mobile phone with all its content within reach.

How to detect Pegasus on Android

How to detect Pegasus on our mobile

Because the Android operating system is much more fragmented than other systems such as Apple's iOS, its detection is also much more difficult. This is why your files may be spread throughout the system, making it almost unrecognizable by any antivirus software.

The only tool capable of offering satisfactory results for the detection of Pegasus is MVT either Mobile Verification Toolkit, a program of International Amnesty whose use is only aimed at users with a very high level of knowledge about computing in general and Android in particular and whose access is also very limited. Therefore, there is no commercial antivirus program at the user level that can be useful for Pegasus detection.

Top tips to avoid Pegasus

As with the rest of viruses and malware programs that aim to steal our sensitive or personal data, the best way to avoid infection with Pegasus is avoid falling into the trap of SMS messages or emails of dubious origin that, although they may seem normal, they are actually phishing attacks In all rules. If you have any doubts about the origin of a suspicious link, try to contact the alleged source before accessing it.

How to detect Pegasus on Android

On the other hand, always avoid download applications or files that may be suspicious due to their origin, especially if they do not come from official digital stores such as Google Play or other sites from brands or companies with security certification.

It is also very important that the Android operating system is always updated to the latest version; and with each new version of Android new security patches are included that try to counteract the latest viruses and malware.

Now you know what is Pegasus, the few detection possibilities it has or the best tips to prevent your mobile from being infected with this spyware or any other malware. Watch the links you click on and never trust them! suspicious apps or programs unofficial!

How to detect Pegasus on Android

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