How to put hashtags on Instagram to gain visibility

Learn how to use hashtags on Instagram to have more visibility among your followers: what they are and what they are for

Let's see how to put hashtags on Instagram to win visibility, so that your personal or professional account has more presence among your followers and potential new followers. And hashtags have become very popular among Instagram users, words that serve to index content in the popular social network and that can help us better position our publications, in order to reach more people. Then don't miss all about hashtags or tags instagram, how to put them, what they are and what they are for.

Instagram Hashtags - How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

How to put hashtags on Instagram

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What are Instagram hashtags and how they work

Instagram hashtags or tags are words or phrases preceded by the # sign or pad that serve to index publications on the popular social network and that function as if they were hyperlinks, in order to classify content on social networks. They work as follows: if you click on a specific hashtag, you will browse the posts that share this tag, in order to quickly access publications with similar content or the same topic.

Examples of hashtags:

  • #StarWars
  • #love
  • #fuerteventura
  • #amigos
  • #Marvel

In reality, we can use any word we can think of to associate it with our publications, always using related concepts with the content itself. So, for example, if you are on vacation with friends you can use hashtags such as #vacaciones, #amistad, #compañeros, etc., as well as the place where you are, whether it is a city, a country or a region. For example, if you spend a few days in London you can use hashtags like #londres, #uk, #london, #inglaterra, etc.

How to put hashtags on Instagram to gain visibility

Types of Instagram hashtags

Each Instagram user can create their own hashtags; Imagination is each person's own limit. So much so, that there are no types of hashtags or classifications by theme, although we can offer you a list of most common label types.

  • Brands or marketing campaigns | You can use the name of any brand or take advantage of advertising or marketing campaigns to give more strength to your publications.
  • Special dates | You can publish content on specific dates of the year such as #Christmas, #holidays, #SanValentin, #birthday, etc.
  • Sports or cultural events | If you are going to publish content related to sports celebrations, cultural events or television programs, you can use tags such as #ElClasico, #futbol, #Mundial, #JuegosOlimpicos, #Eurovision, etc.
  • Locations | If you are visiting cities or countries around the world, take the opportunity to tag your location as #Barcelona, #Madrid, #NYC, # USA, #Paris, etc.
  • Trends | Finally, the tags that work best are related to trends on social networks; Take the opportunity to publish topics related to trending topics and thus reach a larger audience.

How to put hashtags on Instagram

Now that you know what hashtags are and how they work, let's see how to put these types of tags on Instagram posts. Thus, you can use hashtags both in standard Instagram posts and in Stories, but there are certain limits; thus, for standard publications the Maximum tags in the feed are 30, Meanwhile in Stories the limit is 10. Do not believe recommendations that limit the use of the number of hashtags; according to point Instagram, there is no problem using 30 tags in one post.

Follow the steps below to add hashtags on Instagram:

  1. Take or upload a photo or video.
  2. Select the option to add a filter and tap Following (iPhone) or forward arrow (Android).
  3. Touch Writes a photo or video caption… and write # followed by text or an emoji (e.g. #flor).
  4. Touch Share (iPhone) or check (Android).

How to put hashtags on Instagram to gain visibility

However, there are several conditions when putting hashtags:

  • If a user whose profile is private tags posts, they will not appear publicly on hashtag pages.
  • Hashtags accept numbers. However, they do not allow spaces or special characters, like $ or %.
  • You can only tag your posts. You cannot tag other people's photos or videos.
  • You can use a maximum of 30 tags in one post. If you include more than 30 tags in a photo or video, your comment will not be published.
  • If you want to add a hashtag to a post you already uploaded, edit the caption or include your hashtag in a comment on the photo.

Tips to boost your Instagram hashtags

Finally, we offer you several tips that can be very useful when putting hashtags in your Instagram posts:

  • Always try to use the 30 hashtags In each post you want to include these tags.
  • Based on your content and your followers, make a keyword study most popular and the hashtags that can most arouse the interest of the Instagram public.
  • Use combinations of themes for your hashtags and write the most original labels that they can work; avoid copy and paste the same hashtags in your Instagram posts.
  • Interact with users who use hashtags similar to yours or of the same theme; It is always positive to contact users who have the same interests as you.

How to put hashtags on Instagram to gain visibility

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