Telegram bots: what they are and which ones are the best

How Telegram bots work and how they can help you: don't miss the best bots

Let's see what are bots Telegram, how they work and which ones are the best, in order to add new functions to the popular messaging app for mobiles without having to install anything. And the applications available for Telegram bots They are almost infinite, with bots of all kinds that add interesting functions to your mobile app. Therefore, if you don't know how to use Telegram bots and want to start enjoying them, below we offer you a complete guide to make the most of them. Do not miss the best bots Telegram and how they can help you.


What are Telegram bots: the best bots

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What are Telegram bots

The Telegram app not only allows you to talk to your contacts in real time, but also offers the possibility of using bots that add extra functions to the application. To do this, it is not necessary to install anything else, you just have to search for the bot user as a contact anyone and follow the steps that appear in the chat; To communicate with the bots you will only need commands or instructions, depending on the bot you use. Bots are always free and you can use them as much as you want or deactivate them or ignore them when they no longer interest you.

To use bots you have two basic options, either starting a private conversation with any of them or adding a bot to a group as if it were just another user. Thanks to this second option, it is possible to use bots as tools for groups, such as, for example, as a voting function among users or any use that you want to give them, depending on the type of bot.

Depending on the bot you “talk” to you will get all kinds of answers, whether to search for photos or videos on the Internet, download audio from videos, transcribe audio, set reminders or alarms, play tons of games, ask about the weather in your city or the weather forecast, search for information on Wikipedia and much more.

Telegram bots: what they are and which ones are the best

How Telegram bots work

The operation of all Telegram bots is the same; you look for them as if from a contact will be treated and start the chat with the Start button. When you have the bot added you can indicate a series of instructions to make it work. The vast majority of bots present simple commands through simple words that you will have to type to activate their functions.

The best Telegram bots

Below we offer you some of the more interesting bots you can add to your Telegram app to take advantage of its functions. And when you want to get rid of them, you just have to remove them from your chat or press the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen to block it and I can't contact you anymore. Don't miss the best Telegram bots according to themes.

News and alerts

Telegram bots are also very useful if what you want is receive alerts and news of all kinds, whether they are trends, breaking events or knowing what is being talked about on social networks. Bots like Alert Bot either NowTrendingBot They are the most recommended in this field.

Search for images and GIFs

If you want to easily find images and GIFs to use in your apps messaging or social networks, you can use Telegram bots for this such as Tenor GIF Search, Image Bot either The Best Bot Wallpaper, among the most recommended and effective.

Find your favorite music

Either for download your music tracks favorites or find song lyrics, download the audio from YouTube videos or use just a part of a song as an alarm for your alarm clock, the most interesting bots are VKM Bot, FindMusicPleaseBot, LyricZBot either YouTube Audio Downloader.

Telegram bots: what they are and which ones are the best

Translation and languages

A great opportunity to learn words in other languages either translate texts in a quick and comfortable way, a more direct method than resorting to online translators. Among the most recommended bots are AndyRobot either PronunciationBot, among others.


Telegram bots are also widely used for games of all kinds, bots that are added to group chats and that users use to entertain yourself for a while. Games like Hangman with HangBot or the classic Trivial with TriviaBot They are among the most popular.

Series and films

If you are a big fan of movies and television series, you can count on bots like IMDB either NetflixNewsBot, two bots that will be of great help to you to find out the latest releases, information about specific movies or series or the latest news from the Netflix catalog, for example.

Telegram bots: what they are and which ones are the best

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