Three essential tricks for using the iPhone

Discover the news of the new Apple smartphone in three easy steps

Let's review three basic iPhone X tricks, one of the phones that have brought the most changes to the iPhone ecosystem since its arrival on the market. And it is that he iPhone X, the most revolutionary smartphone in the history of Manzana and object of desire of millions of technology fans, is already among us and there are many new developments that he brings with him. Not in vain, it arrives with a completely renewed design that stands out for its 5.8-inch OLED display with minimal bezels, wireless charging and a multitude of proprietary applications and software that take advantage of its unique characteristics. Do not miss three essential tricks for make the most of the new features of the iPhone

The best iPhone X tricks

The best iPhone X tricks

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Force restart iPhone

We hope you never have to resort to this trick, but If your iPhone X were to crash or freeze and not respond to our commands, we can always restart it so that it works normally again. How will we do it? In order to restart our iPhone X we will have to press and quickly release the physical volume up button, to do the same with the volume down button. After these quick movements, we must press and hold the side on/off button for 10 seconds. The Apple logo will then appear on the screen and it will start normally.


  1. Press the volume up button
  2. Press the volume down button
  3. Press the side on/off button for 10 seconds.
How to Restart an iPhone X [Force Restart]

Temporarily disable Face ID

The iPhone X comes with revolutionary technology such as the most advanced facial recognition to unlock our terminal simply by looking at the screen. Although there may be times when we do not want said functionality to act on its own or without our permission; Yes, we can avoid it by closing our eyes or looking away from the cell phone, although it will not always be possible. For this reason, the iPhone X allows us to temporarily disable Face ID; Thus, we will only have to press the three physical buttons on the terminal, that is, the two volume keys and the side button.

Summary: Press both volume buttons – Press the side button.

Easy reach or Reachability

Previous iPhone models incorporate a function called Easy reach or Reachability, which allowed you to scroll the screen down to reach the top of it using two quick taps of the Home button. This function is disabled on the iPhone X since the terminal does not have a physical home button, although we can access it if we follow these steps.

Summary: Settings – General – Accessibility – Activate Easy Reach.

Easy reach iPhone

Thus, and with Easy Reach activated, we can move the screen interface downwards to more easily access the elements located at the top with a simple gesture on the bottom bar of the screen. As practical as it is simple.

The best iPhone X tricks

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