Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide – Shrine of the Sword – DLC1

Discover all the secrets, enemies, strategies and levels of the Shrine of the Sword in the first downloadable content for Zelda Breath of the Wild

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The Sword Shrine is part of DLC 1 In Zelda Breath of the Wild, in this extra mission we start without weapons and naked. We have to overcome rooms with which we will increase the power of the Master Sword, it is divided into 3 levels, the easy one that consists of 12 rooms, the medium one is 16 and the difficult one is 23, all of them different, every time we pass a level we can save the game and we will increase the power of the sword by 10, if its base is 30, when completing the first 40, then 50 and 60 on the difficult oneThe good thing is that he will keep that damage forever, not only when facing Guardians or Ganon.

Master Sword Pedestal

To start this test we have to We go to the Kolog Forest and there place the Master Sword on the pedestal from where we take it, we will be teleported inside the Sword Shrine and the test will begin.

Easy Challenge – 12 Levels

Level 1

Sword Shrine Level 1 (easy)

Enemies: Red Bokoblin x3.

It is a square area where in the background on the right there are 3 Bokoblins, they have their weapons leaning on a log as usual, if we have good resistance it is as easy as running and grabbing weapons before them, bombs are also very useful for eliminating the enemies. Don't forget to collect all the weapons, there is a woodcutter's ax that comes in handy to break the boxes, the meat to have food and break the boxes that contain food.

Level 2

Sword Shrine - Level 2 (easy)

Enemies: Red Bokoblin x4 – Fire Chuchu x1.

The Bokoblins are in elevated areas, 3 of them in a structure that we can climb by killing the Fire Chuchu and taking advantage of the fire to ascend with the parabeil, using the power of the wind beast or breaking the bridge ropes using a bow . The 4 bokoblin is in the classic archer turret located to the right of the structure. In this level we get 2 bows, it is good that we try to get arrows, dodging the shots of the two archers, a shield and sword and a two-handed club. In the boxes above in the Bokoblins structure we have more arrows.

Level 3 

Sword Shrine Room 7 (easy)

Enemies: Normal Chuchu x1 – Fire Chuchu x6.

This level is very simple, with the bombs we will quickly kill the enemies, the important thing is to know that on both sides of the room we have chests in elevated positions on wooden platforms that we can burn by shooting a fire arrow, taking advantage of the fire of the chuchus we can set our arrows on fire to get them. In one we find a Boomerang and in the other Fire Arrows x5.

Level 4

Sword Shrine - Level 4 (easy)

Enemies: Red Bokoblin x4 – Blue Bokoblin x2.

There are 2 structures, a staircase on the left that leads to a very high platform where at the top there is only a red bokoblin and a base on a tree on the right where the rest of the enemies are, first we will find 3 red bokoblins with a spear, a bow and baton and when we finish with them and ascending we will find the 2 blue ones, with a 2-handed club and another with a sword and shield, be careful that although we know them and they are easy, since they have almost no equipment they can easily kill us if they hit us, we don't know We forgot to open the boxes.

The red Bokoblin that is up on the elevated platform, we can kill it using a fire arrow on the explosive barrels that are next to it, if we go up we run the risk of accidentally hitting them and losing a lot of life.

Level 5  

Sword Shrine - Level 5 (easy)

Enemies: Red Moblin x2 – Blue Bokoblin x3.

The two Moblins are patrolling around the skull, inside we have the 3 blue bokoblins, the skull, like many that we have already seen in the game, has fire points that we can cut using an arrow so that it falls inside and the explosive barrels explode, thereby We will have almost eliminated the 3 blue bokoblins, be careful that the fire can burn the objects they leave us, there are several food items and the weapons they carry. We can easily eliminate the red Moblins using sneak attacks or using the paralyzer.

Level 6

Sword Shrine Level 6 (easy)

Enemies: Petrarok.

A normal Petrarock, we already know how to kill them, bombs to the arms to make it fall and paralyzing when we climb on it to attack its weak point, with two-handed weapons and charged attacks we will eliminate it easily.

Level 7

Sword Shrine Room 7 (easy)

Enemies: None.

This level is for collecting items, we have 3 cows on the right, where we collect the spear, sword and shield of the watchman, several boxes to collect objects, on the left we have a tree with apples, a fairy that will come in very handy if we They kill to regain life and not have to start from the beginning, in the pond we have 3 robust bass and there is also a cauldron to cook with, when we have everything and we have cooked the dishes we can, we continue.

Level 8

Sword Shrine Level 8 (easy)

Enemies: Lizalfo x4 – Electric Chuchu x1.

The level is divided into several islets and water that surrounds them, on the right as we leave we have a first Lizalfo armed with Boomerang Lizal, and a little further ahead another Lizalfo with a bow, when we finish with them, in the group of stones From the right to the bottom there is a chest in the water where we will find wooden arrows x10.

Now we only have to finish off the electric Chuchu and 2 other Lizalfos that are all on the islet on the left in the background, the Lizalfos go with a spear and we also find roasted sea bass and boko spears on the bonfire.

Level 9

Sword Shrine Level 9 (easy)

Enemies: Octorocks x2 – Electric Invocantis x1.

The only problem that this room poses is in the electric Invocantis, be careful that it is the same as the previous one, islets with water, so the Invocantis projectiles are dangerous, we already know that by covering ourselves with them fixed we will return the projectile, to the Invocantis, with arrows on the head and weapons like spears, when he is within reach we will quickly get rid of him, and as we start on the left there is a chest (non-metallic) that we have to push a little to open, it contains wooden arrows x10.

Level 10

Sword Shrine Level 10 (easy)

Lizalfo x1 – Lizalfo black x2.

As we begin we find a bridge and the normal Lizalfo armed with a bow in the background, if we kill him with an accurate shot to the head we will not alert the black Lizalfos that are covering the stairs on the sides and we can use the sneak attack to take a good part of their life. Thanks to the electric scepter that we took from the Summoners in the previous level, we will leave them without weapons to finish them off quickly.

Level 11

Sword Shrine Level 11 (easy)

Enemies: Red Bokoblin x4 – Blue Bokoblin x3 – Black Bokoblin x1 – Black Moblin x1.

This is the level in which we have the greatest chance of dying, so be careful, we must get on the raft and advance forward passing by watchtowers with bokoblin archers, shortly after advancing we have a chest on the left among the stones, contains electric arrows x10, from this position (we have abandoned the raft) we have to kill 2 red bokoblin archers and another blue one, we have another blue archer left on the right and all the enemies that are on the central platform, we access the central platform by swimming and we finish with the blue bokoblin archer, above, 2 red bokoblins are waiting for us, one blue and one black, remember that if they fall into the water they will die so a well-thrown bomb can come in quite handy. At the top a black Moblin awaits us, be very careful with his blows and try to finish him off quickly using everything we have at hand, electric/fire arrows, paralyzer and our best weapons. Before entering the portal, if we jump towards the platform where the bokoblin archers were on the right as we came, we will find a couple of boxes and another chest in the watchtower that contains wooden arrows x10.

Level 12

Sword Shrine Level 12 (easy)

Enemies: Blue Hinox.

Finishing off this last enemy is going to be very easy for us with all the weapons and arrows that we have at our disposal, shots to the eye to stun him, stun and charged attacks with the strongest 2-handed weapons we have, will fall quickly. 

Sword Shrine - easy level END

By finishing off the Hinox and entering the portal, we complete the first sword challenge, easy level and we can access to collect the master sword with a damage improved from 30 to 40, we can go back to the Kolog Forest to record and access the medium challenge.