Alien Cheats : Isolation for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

All Alien : isolation collectibles

Travel and survive in the Sevastopol station, find all the secrets of Alien: Isolation. 

Collectables: Nostromo Records

We leave you a video to find the 10 Nostromo Records and get the Achievement/Trophy "For the Archives".

Alien: Isolation - 'For the Archives' Trophy (Nostromo Logs)


Collectibles: ID Plates

In total we have 50 identification plates to collect and get the Achievement/Trophy "Captives". We leave you a video to locate them.

Alien: Isolation - "Captives" Trophy (ID Tags)


Archive Records

We leave you a video with the location of the 151 Archive Records, to get the Achievement/Trophy "The Voices of Sevastopol" although to achieve it we only need to collect 100.

Alien: Isolation - "The Voices of Sevastopol" Trophy (Archive Logs)



Craft and survive – Craft an item.  

100 times are few (Secret) Die 100 times at the hands of the alien.

Wake up – Complete Turning the page.  

Welcome to Sevastopol – Complete Welcome to Sevastopol.  

The hunt begins – Complete Encounters.  

It shouldn't be there – Complete Seegson Communications.  

How do you feel? – Complete The Quarantine.  

In the trap – Complete The Outbreak.  

A milestone of progress – Complete Seegson Synthetics.  

Shock treatment – Use the electric baton.  

The hook – Complete The Trap.  

Risk containment – Complete risk containment.  

A synthetic solution – Complete A synthetic solution.  

Consultation – Complete Consultation.  

The missing – Get an identification plate.  

Let them burn! – Use the flamethrower.  

Use with caution… – Use the shotgun.  

Every bullet counts – Use the revolver.  

In self defense – Kill 10 humans.  

A perfect organism – Meet the alien in Sevastopol for the first time.  

Seegson Security Hack – Hack 10 times.  

Seegson system expert – Complete 10 mini-games.  

power games – Access 10 different reprogramming systems.  

Witnesses of the disaster – Get a file record.  

The switch – Complete The Descent.  

The message – Complete the message.  

Transmission – Complete Transmission.  

Liberate the Torrens – Complete Desolation

The end of the hunt – Complete Together for Tomorrow.  

Let's see if it works – Use the magnetic weapon.  

Back! (Secret) – You have pushed the alien back using the flamethrower.  

Stunned (Secret) – Knock down a human or stun an android with a blunt attack.  

It's not the first (Secret) – Deactivate the beacon.  

Not a scratch – Escape an android attack without taking damage.  

It's in the ducts... – Use the ventilation system 20 times.  

I admire your purity – Detects 30 targets with the motion sensor.  

A real engineer – Craft all possible objects.  

Fault detected – Kill an android.  

Alien Cocktail (Secret) – Repel the alien using a Molotov.  

Be careful (Secret) – Go through Reactor Maintenance without dying.  

Captives – Obtain all the identification plates.  

For the files – Obtain all Nostromo records.  

Out of reach – Contact your companions and leave Communications without being attacked by a single android.  

The voices of Sevastopol – Get 100 file records.  

It's my turn – Kill an android using only the maintenance tool.

Hide. Runs. Survive – Complete "The Quarantine" without being killed by the alien.  

Ripley. End of stream. - Complete the game on any difficulty.  

Pity or prudence? – Complete the game without killing humans.  

Survivor – Complete the game on the highest difficulty level.  

A try – Complete the game without dying.


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