ARK Startup Guide for PS4, Xbox One, PC

Discover how to take your first steps in ARK and understand all aspects of the game

Know the first aspects of ARK Survival Evolved and all the basic notions to survive on the Island thanks to our Home guide.

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Home, what is Ark? What does it consist of?

Once we create our character, customizing its appearance as we wish, we have to choose an area to appear. The most sensible thing is to choose an area in the South, which is the least dangerous areas.

At the beginning the game may seem complicated, because we don't know what to do or what our objective is, the first thing we have to be clear about is that Ark is a survival and construction game, where for everything we will need resources and create tools, weapons, structures and a long etc.

Well, once we appear on the island we will find ourselves naked, and with nothing, and what do we have to do? Well, start collecting materials, level up and try to avoid all the Dinosaurs that can kill us, since at the beginning anyone who attacks us will finish us off quickly.

With the RT/R2 button, we punch and with the Y/Triangle button we collect materials.

The first thing is to know 3 things

ARK Plants

1-In the plants approaching and pressing Y/Triangle, we can collect berries and Fiber (fiber is a material that we will need to build a lot of things).

Regarding the berries, indicate that there are several types, “Tintoberry” the red ones, “Azulberry” the blue ones, “Amarberry” the yellow ones, “Stimberry” the white ones, “Mejoberry” the purple ones and “Narcoberry” the black ones.. All berries nourish us when used, but be careful with the “Narcoberry” that can leave us unconscious. Of all the berries that we have named, we have to know that both the “Mejoberry” and the “Narcoberry” are the most useful.

ARK Stones

2-We can collect the stones that we see on the ground to increase our number of this essential material.

ARK Trees

3-Paste punching trees We will find 2 other essential materials, “Wood” and “Straw”.

Well, our first task is to collect all these materials, Fiber and Berries from the plants, Stones from the ground and Wood and Straw by hitting the trees.

Menu and Engrams

Once we have enough materials, our first task will be to build a Stone Pickaxe that requires the following materials:

ARK Stone Peak

-Stone x1.

-Wood x1.

-Straw x5.

To do this, we press the B/Circle button to access the Menu and, placing ourselves on top of the Stone Peak, we click to build once we have the necessary materials.

Now we are going to see the entire menu since you have to know it inside out.

Inventory and Craftables/Crafts

ARK Craftable Menu

At the top right we can see, “Inventory” and “Crafteables/Crafts”.

Inventory logically is all the objects that we have collected and Crafteables, the things that we can make by acquiring Engrams, if we look to the right of Crafteables We have 4 letters “A, W, T and U” this helps us to organize our Inventory and our Craftables by alphabetical order, by weight or by type, at first we will not need it, but as we progress in the game it will be very useful since we will have a lot of objects and Craftables

Quick access

ARK Quick Access

From here we can equip 8 objects to have quick access to them by pressing the D-Pad, each direction will be one object and each direction + LB/L1 button will be another 4 objects.

Your Equipped Items

ARK Equipped Items

Here are the objects related to clothing, armor, etc.

Character Statistics

ARK Character Statistics

Here we can find data about our level, our armor and resistance level, days, time, temperature and the area of the map where we are.

Experience Level and Engram Points

ARK Experience Level

Every time the bar fills we will go up a level, whenever we go up in level we are given several engram points, which are necessary to buy the different engrams and be able to develop them.


ARK Attributes

Health - Our life.

Energy – Stamina, when the lightning strikes we will be tired.

Oxygen – The time we can last underwater.

Meal – Here we see a piece of meat, if it drops to zero we will die from lack of food.

Water – Here we see a drop of water, if it drops to zero we will die from lack of water.

Weight – All materials and objects have a weight, when we approach the maximum value we will move slower and will not be able to jump, when we pass it directly we will not be able to move.

Melee Damage – The damage we do with our fists or melee weapons.

Speed – Our movement speed.

Strength – Resistance to enemy attacks.

Crafting Speed – The speed at which we build things.

Unconsciousness – If we reach the maximum value we will fall unconscious.

*Every time we level up we can assign a point to one of these values, important to focus on Health, Energy and Weight firstSince the Dinosaurs will kill us very quickly, we will need energy to escape and increase the weight we can carry so we don't have to continually throw things.

Food and Climate


Food gradually decreases and if it reaches zero it will begin to take away our health little by little and will also increase our unconsciousness. Actions that consume energy such as running accelerate hunger. When we are cold we also consume more food. To feed ourselves we must consume Berries, Meat, it can be in different forms (Raw Meat and Rotten Meat increases our food but takes away some of our health), Vegetables and Eggs.

When we eat food, the food does not fill up immediately but rather increases gradually.


The water gradually drops and if it reaches zero it will begin to take away our health little by little. Energy-consuming actions like running accelerate water loss. When we are hot we also consume more water. To regain hydration we have to drink water or immerse ourselves in water. To drink we can use groups of pipe systems or filling the Water Boot, Water Jug or a Canteen: Rain also increases our hydration level. All Berries give us a little water, except Narcoberries and Stimberrys (the latter even make us lose water). The hot soup that we can make in the Pot reduces our water consumption.

The climate must also be taken into account, they warn us if we are cold or hot, and each one has two states, cold and freezing and heat and excessive heat, cold climates will make us lose food faster with its consequences and the climates Warm weather will make us lose water in greater quantities, to counteract these effects we have at our disposal the armor and recipes that we can make in the Pot.

Logically, when we are cold, making bonfires and torches will help us a little. In extremely cold climates, it will be necessary to build quite a few and put ourselves in the middle so as not to freeze to death. In the heat, what we have to do is consume water continuously or directly cool off by jumping into the water. .

Once we know the menu well and we are clear about the parameters that affect us, the game begins, they are going to kill us many times and this is another detail of ARK, when they kill us we lose all the inventory we have on us, but it stays in place of our death for a while so that we can recover it, but we have to be quick or we will lose it forever. When we are killed we can choose several points to respawn. We can make sleeping bags that serve as a repair point but only once and we can also build beds that help us teleport from one bed to another that we have placed in another place, but it also has a drawback, we can only travel naked, All the clothing and inventory that we have if we transport ourselves disappears, we can leave everything before doing so, but expect to have objects stored at the place where we teleport.

Our first need is to level up and make the first Crafting stations such as Bonfires (level 2) to be able to cook meat and feed ourselves, Mortar (level 5) to be able to make Narcotics and the Pot (level 10) to be able to make recipes. Throughout this beginning and until we reach level 25 our weapons, tools and structures will be made of wood and stone, but we are now ready to domesticate our first creatures.

As we advance and level up we will unlock 2 very important stations, the Blacksmith at level 25 which will give us access to all metal structures and metal weapons and tools and the Manufacturing Machine at level 40 which we will pass on to. modern technology and electronics.

Regarding the Engrams and the Engram points, it is completely impossible for us to have them all. We will have to choose from a large quantity and when we reach the maximum level we will see that there are many that we have not been able to acquire, although there is a recipe in our Pot. which restores all the points so we can reassign them again if we see that we did it wrong.

-Crafting Stations are essential to advance so the best thing is as long as we unlock one and can buy it.

-Some Crafting stations have improvements, like the Pot->Industrial Pot, Bonfire-> Industrial Grill, Mortar->Chemistry Bench, in these stations we will do the same but much faster and in larger quantities, the Industrial Grill is very good for cooking lots of food very quickly .

-Weapons and Tools, is another important aspect that we have to spend points, perhaps it is not necessary to spend points to be able to develop all the weapons

-Structures, it is also important to spend points to be able to make structures, I do not advise you to spend points on all the straw, wood and stone structures, since in the end the best ones are the Metal ones

-Mounts, the vast majority of the creatures we tame need mounts to be able to ride them., the mounts cost quite a few engram points and with the number of creatures there are, having them all will take away the possibility of having many other engrams, so also think about which creatures you like the most.

-**Something important is to know the existence of the plans (see below) since if we get the blueprint of an object we will not need to spend engram points on them

-This whole theory is when we play alone, when we get into tribes in PvE or with guests in our private game, the normal thing is that the engrams are distributed among the members in order to manage the points much better, for example that one focuses on weapons , another in suits, another in structures etc.

After getting everything started, what we should do is make ourselves a base where we can begin to manage all the possibilities of ARK, since little by little we will realize that we have to have a large space to place everything and it is better to know it from the principle that then having to change everything, we are going to need a lot of space to place the creatures, make gardens, have the Crafting stations, we need to build structures for reproduction, a lot of storage and preserving structures for resources, eggs, feed etc.

Object Planes

ARK Object Plans

Usually In Supply Boxes and in chests in the Caves and Aquatic Caves we can find plans for specific objectsOnce we have these plans, they help us to Craft that object whenever we want if we have the necessary resources for Crafting, that is, if we get a Raptor Mount plan, it would no longer be necessary to spend Engram points for it since the The plan is never used up, but be very careful not to take it and lose it if they kill us. We must keep the plans in a safe place. The plans can also have letters of various colors, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Red, this means that the objects have different qualities., each color indicates an improvement in XP when Crafting said blueprints and the resulting item has better statistics. If we get plans with properties we have to save them however.

ARK Item Quality

Normal-> Primitive.






Supply Boxes

ARK Supply Boxes

We will often see long rays of light of different colors, these are supply boxes in which we will find a multitude of items. When we see one of these rays we must keep in mind that it may be in an area with dangerous creatures or if we play online it may also attract other players or tribes, so we must be aware of possible encounters with other humans, so It is important to use the spyglass to inspect the surroundings. The box falls due to the lightning and we can see how it descends little by little, so we also have to be aware of when it reaches the ground, and not wait below until it arrives to avoid being attacked. When the box hits the ground it lasts for a while before disappearing.

ARK Colors supply boxes

There are different colors for the supply boxes, depending on their color we can get an idea of the items they may contain and each color requires a level to be opened.

White Supply Boxes – Level 3

Green Supply Boxes – Level 15

Blue Supply Boxes – Level 25

Purple Supply Boxes – Level 35

Yellow Supply Boxes – Level 45

Red Supply Boxes – Level 60

White Supply Boxes

ARK White Supply Box

In these boxes we can get one of the following item packs:

Pack1 : Bonfire, Sleeping Bag, Rain Boot, Match, Meat and Berries (different). The bonfire, sack and rain boot can be flat.

Pack2 : Thatched Structures, Thatched Wall, Thatched Foundation, Thatched Roof, Thatched Door, Thatched Door Frame. They can also be flat.

Pack3: Phiomia mount. It can be a plan.

Pack4 : Set of Cloth Clothing, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Gloves and Hat. They can also be the plans.

Pack5 : Weapon Set, Stone Axe, Slingshot, Spear, Flare Gun and Torch. They can also be flat.

Pack6 : Resources, Fiber, Skin, Stone, Flint, Straw and Wood.

Pack7: Wooden Box, Bed, Standing Torch, Match. They can also be flat.

Green Supply Boxes

ARK Green Supplies Box

In these boxes we can get one of the following item packs:

Pack1 : Raptor or Parasaurus or Trike/Triceratops mounts, only one and it is always a plane.

Pack2 : Leather Clothing Set, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Gloves and Hat. They can also be the plans

Pack3 : Wooden Structures, Wooden Door, Wooden Roof, Wooden Wall, Wooden Door Frame and Wooden Foundation

Pack4 : Wooden Structures, Wooden Ramp, Wooden Wall Foundation, Wooden Sign, Wooden Pillar

Pack5 : Wooden Structures, Wooden Ladder, Wooden Hatch Frame, Wooden Hatch

Pack6 : Wooden Structures, Wooden Wall with window frame, Wooden Window, Wooden Platform, Wooden Wall

Pack7 : Weapons, Bow, Stone Arrow, Tranquilizing Arrow, Parachute, Blood Extraction Syringe and Spyglass.

Pack8 : Mortar, Pot, Brush, Cabinet.

Pack9 : Resources, Stone, Flint, Straw, Wood, Fiber, Skin and Narcotics.

Pack10 : Small Garden, Compost Box, Stone Pipes.

Blue Supply Boxes

ARK Blue Supply Boxes

In these boxes we get 1 to 2 items selected from these 3 packs. The items in Pack 3 are always flat and those in the other 2 have the possibility of being flat.

Pack1 : Some part of the Chitin Armor, Metal Spear, Metal Axe, Metal Beak, Pulminoscorpius Mount, Stegosaurus Mount, Carbonemys/Turtle Mount, Ichthyosaurus Mount.

Pack2 : Medium Garden, Compass and Water Jug.

Pack3 : Metal Foundation, Metal Wall, Metal Floor, Metal Door Frame, Metal Door, Dinosaur Door, Forge, Blacksmith Shop, Medium Orchard.

Purple Supply Boxes

ARK Purple Supply Boxes

In these Boxes they can give us 1 to 2 items, but apart from the packs that I detail below there is a possibility that these items will be selected from the Blue Supply Boxes packs.

Pack1 : Simple Bullet, Rifle Ammunition, Shotgun Cartridges, Large Garden, Fabricator/Fabricator, Metal Structures and Metal Pipes.

Pack2 : Weapon Accessories (Silencer, Flashlight or Scope), Grenade.

Pack3 : Weapons (Simple Pistol, Long Barrel Rifle, Shotgun, Mounts (Pteranodon, Sarco, Ankylosaurus or Mammoth).

Yellow Supply Boxes

ARK Yellow Supply Boxes

Pack1 : GPS, Laser Weapon Accessory, Wind Turbine (only in Scorched Earth).

Pack2 : Fishing Rod, some part of Metal Armor, Gun, Mounts (Megalodon, Sabertooth/Sabertooth, Carnotaurus).

Pack3 : Metal Structures, Electrical Wiring, Generator, Advanced Pistol Ammunition.

Red Supply Boxes

ARK Red Supply Box

Pack1 : C4, C4 Detonator, Holographic Sight Accessory.

Pack2 : Assault Rifle, Missile Launcher, Fishing Rod, Mounts (Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus and Plesiosaurus) Miner's Helmet.

Pack3 : Behemoth Door and Door Frame, Advanced Rifle Ammunition, Missile, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, Automatic Turret, Keyboard.

Also on some occasions we can find Supply Boxes with a yellow ring surrounding them, these boxes have twice as many objects as normal ones.

ARK Double Supplies

Alpha Predators

The Alpha Predator are more powerful versions of Ark creatures, they are much more aggressive and as soon as they locate us they will attack us without hesitation. So far there are the following:

-Rex Alpha.

-Carnotaurus Alpha.

-Raptor Alpha.

-Alpha Mosasaur.

ARK Alpha Predators

The Alpha Megalodon has yet to be released, these creatures are much more dangerous than their normal versions and can be easily identified by having a red aura around them, they can also break stone structures. Initially, they were added to have dinosaurs that were much more difficult to kill. kill and with a large contribution of XP, so if we have a low level it is best to flee as quickly as possible from facing an Alpha Predator, since the appearance of the Rex Alpha, which was the first to be added, they have undergone several changes:

-Your XP bonus has been reduced

-Reduced damage to stone structures

-Their range has been reduced so they do not detect us as quickly

-They can only be found in mountainous regions or in the interior of the island

By killing the Alpha Predator we can search their inventories for prizes and items, although they have lowered their XP bonus they are still a method to quickly gain levels throughout the progress in the game, if we see one and are ready to finish With him you don't have to think about it.

The 3 Obelisks

ARK Obelisks

On the island, the first thing that catches your attention is that we can see 3 gigantic structures on the horizon, there are 3 Obelisks located in the extreme northwest, another in the southwest and another to the east in the central part. Nothing is known about their origin and they look like aliens. In each of them at their base we will find a Tribute Terminal to summon 3 final Bosses, the Broodmother, the Megapithecus and the Dragon. Before you had to go to each Obelisk to summon the corresponding boss, but now we can summon anyone from any obelisk through the portals we find in the Obelisk Terminals.

ARK Obelisks and Artifacts

The tributes that we must place are the Artifacts that we find in the caves) and the Trophies that we find in certain Creatures, which are Argentavis Claw, Megalodon Tooth, Sauropod Vertebra and Tyrannosaurus Arm, as soon as we place all the tributes that they ask of us and access the portal we will be transported to a combat arena against the Boss, be very careful as these combats are extremely difficult.

Green Portal summons Broodmother – Required Level 30.

Blue Portal summons Megapithecus – Required Level 60.

Red Portal summons Dragon – Required Level 90.

ARK Obelisk Broodmother

The 3 portals need the same taxes and the same amounts:

-Megalodon Tooth x8.

-Tyrannosaurus arm x4.

-Argentavis Claw x4.

-Sauropod Vertebra x2.

-Hunter's Artifact x1.

-Pack Artifact x1.

-Massive Artifact x1.

-Artifact of the Cunning x1.

-Artifact of the Lord of Heaven x1.

-Artifact of the Devourer x1.

-Immune Artifact x1.

-Fort Artifact x1.

ARK Rewards Obelisks

This means that in order to face the 3 Bosses, we have to collect the Artifacts 3 times, a quite complicated task, when we defeat any of them, We receive a Trophy, a Banner, the Boss Hologram and an exclusive Skin item.