Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend Cheats for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC, Xbox One

All Blazblue Chrono Phantasma cheats, secrets and unlockables

Enter one of the most acclaimed 2D fighting games of recent times, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend.

Arcade Mode Unlocks

Complete Arcade Mode to unlock the following for each character:

  • The end of that fighter.
  • Art for the gallery
  • Credit titles.
  • Character voices (not all have voices available). Jubei and Imperator have voices for 20,000.
  • Location voices.



Complete all Abyss mode levels to unlock Level Infinity, with infinite versions of opponents and a maximum depth of 100,000.

Abyss Mode: Item Shop

Complete all ten levels in Abyss mode with any character to unlock the corresponding item. Each one costs 15,000 and is specific to the fighter.

  • Black Vortex (Kagura)
  • Bolverk Unleashed (Noel)
  • Curse of the Damned (Arakune)
  • Dark Ouroboros (Hazama)
  • Dragon Club (Litchi)
  • ESF: Perserverance (Hakumen)
  • Full Install (Tsubaki)
  • Gravitational Force (Nu-13)
  • Hot Pants (Bullet)
  • Howl of the Lone Wolf (Valkenhayn)
  • IDEA Engine Full Blast (Lambda)
  • Ignis Unchained (Relius)
  • Innocent Healing (Celica)
  • Mad Gadget (Kokonoe)
  • Maximum Impact (Makoto)
  • Nails of Ikaruga (Bang)
  • Nirvana Unleashed (Carl)
  • Phalanx Cannon EX (Azrael)
  • Power Drill (Amane)
  • Power of Science (Iron Tager)
  • Red Blood Sucker (Ragna)
  • Relentless Blizzard (Jin)
  • Serpent's Fang (Terumi)
  • Shadow Step (Taokaka)
  • Stein's Gunner EX (Mu-12)
  • Symphony Encore (Platinum)
  • Tenacity of the Izayoi (Izayoi)
  • Thundering Wrath (Rachel)



Lesson Is More [Tutorial] – Complete the beginner lessons.  

Impersonal Trainer [Training] – Deal a total of 100,000 damage.  

Gag Order [Story] – Complete all additional gag reels.  

Just a Taste [Arcade] – Complete Arcade mode.  

Wunderbar! [Score Attack] – Complete track 1.  

Martial Law [Unlimited Mars] – Fight in 10 battles. 

And The Winner For Best Picture… [Replay Theater] – Watch a replay.  

Your Guest Is As Good As Mine [Gallery] – Unlocks the "Guest Illustrator" category.  

Make This House A Home [Network] – Make some changes to your room.  

Good Neighbor [Network] – Use a default text.  

Nanomachines, Son – Regenerates a total of 100,000 HP with Ragna.  

Freezing Reign – Execute all of Jin's "D" special attacks in a single fight. Original Flavor – Defeat Nu, Mu. and Lambda using Noel.  

Air Apparent Stay – in the air for a total of 100 seconds using Rachel.

The Tao of Tao – As Taokaka, hit each character with Cat Spirit: Encore!.  

Tag, Er It – As a Tager, execute a throw on an opponent while they are blocking or taking damage.  

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More – Perform a counterattack using Litchi's Thirteen Orphans.  

Black Bug Shooter – As Arakune, perform a 100-hit combo.  

bang theory – As Bang, activate Overdrive with less than 35% HP and Overdrive Finish your opponent.  

The FINALE – Finish off an opponent using Carl's Arpeggio of Oblivion.  

Order Up – As Hakumen, deal 10,000 damage in a single combo.  

If You Only Nu – As Nu, win a fight without using anything except projectile attacks.  

I Am The Law – Execute all of Tsubaki's "D" special attacks in a single fight.  

Hazama Unchained – As Hazama, defeat an opponent with an Ovedrive Finish.  

Stein Alive – Take down an opponent with a projectile from Mu's Steins Gunner.  

Good Grief – As Makoto, execute an attack with maximum Impact Gauge.

Tooth and Claw – Defeat an opponent using only wolf form attacks.

Double-Platinum – Defeat the same opponent once with Luna and once with Sena's voice.  

Marital Bliss – Execute all Relius Id Lauger follow-ups in a single combo.  

knightrider – Take down an opponent while Izayoi is in Slaver Trans-AM mode.  

Curtain Call – Hit each character with Amane's Jakutoku Meika: Gouh Houyou.  

Game of Throwns – Lock on to an enemy for 10 seconds during a single round as Bullet.  

Tasty – Absorb 10 projectiles during a single round using Azrael's Growler Field.  

Gale-Force Wins – Use all of Black Gale's follow-up attacks during a single round with Kagura.  

I Get A Kick Out of You – As Terumi, finish off an opponent during the "stomp" phase of Serpent's Laceration.  

Aunty-Gravity – Keep the opponent in the air for 20 seconds during a single round as Kokonoe.  

Alternate Takes – Listen to all of Celica's Drive Attack vocal patterns during a single round.  

good idea – Defeat Ragna using Lambda.  

Ample Ex [Story] – Complete the Extend story.  

Heart To Heart [Story] – Complete the Remix Heart story.  

Howdy Stranger [Network] – A player joined your room.  

Itemized [Network] – Get a set of items in the player room.  

Bread and Butter [Challenge] – Complete 50% of all challenges.  

Frame Advantage [Challenge] – Complete 100% of a character's challenges.  

Six Education [Abyss] – Complete Phase 6.  

Easy There Big Fellow [Highlander Assault] – Complete Highlander Assault mode.  

Unlimited Blazblue Works [Gallery] – Unlock all Unlimited characters.  

These Go To Eleven [Network] – Reach level 11.      

Look Forward To It [Story] – Complete the main story.  

Patron Of The Arts [Gallery] – Spend 100,000 P$ in Gallery mode.


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