Cheats for Star Wars Battlefront II for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Learn about all the classes, ships, weapons, heroes and villains, achievements, secrets and tricks of Star Wars Battlefront II.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Stroke : In Attack, two teams of eight playersIn Attack, two teams of eight players will compete in objective scenarios. They will compete in objective scenarios.

Pop : Burst invites players to engage in fast, close-range combat.

Galactic Assault : Fight on a series of huge objective maps focused on team play. Visit iconic locations, pilot your favorite vehicles, choose between different soldier classes, call for reinforcements and be a hero.

Starfighter Assault : Two teams of pilots will take control of fighters, bombers, interceptors and hero ships to face multi-level space battles for objectives.

Heroes and villains : The most famous characters of Star Wars faced in a four-on-four team fight. Now you have the opportunity to celebrate the duels you always dreamed of between the most famous heroes and villains of all cinematic eras.

Arcade Mode: Arcade is a single-player mode (or split-screen multiplayer on consoles) in which you can take on AI-controlled enemies and hone your skills in a wide variety of scenarios.



In Star Wars Battlefront II we have 23 collectibles to collect throughout the campaign mode, this time the collectibles are not associated with an achievement/trophy and what we get for collecting them but this time by locating them we unlock parts to be able to craft in multiplayer. Not all chapters have collectibles, only missions 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 11 and 12, when collecting all of the ones in a mission we get 25 pieces for multiplayer. We leave you a video with the location of all the collectibles.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - All Collectible Locations (23 Collectibles)


Star Wars Battlefront II Achievements and Trophies

Cleaning – Complete the "Cleanup" mission.   

The Battle of Endor – Complete the mission "The Battle of Endor".   

The Fearless – Complete the mission "The Intrepid".   

The observatory – Complete the mission "The Observatory".   

Storm – Complete the mission "The Storm".   

General in trouble – Complete the mission "General in Distress".   

Under overcast skies – Complete the mission "Under Overcast Skies".   

Go for the stash – Complete the mission "Go for the stash".   

Outcasts – Complete the mission "Outcasts".   

The Battle of Jakku – Complete the mission "The Battle of Jakku".   

Not everyone fails – In multiplayer, defeat 3 enemies during one use of the Vanguard skill 5 times.   

A dominant presence – In multiplayer, boost 100 allies with Officer's Battle Orders.   

Sentinel Mode activated – In multiplayer, defeat 150 enemies with the Heavy Soldier's Sentinel weapon.   

In the spotlight – In multiplayer, take 25 headshots with long blaster rifles.   

The bomber – Defeat 50 enemies with Dual Proton Torpedoes as a bomber.   

Multitask – Eliminate 25 hero ships as fighters.   

Luck does not exist – Play a game of Arcade.   

Ignore your instinct at your own risk – Destroy 25 targets in Starfighter Assault.   

having a blast – Win a Burst match.   

Strike back – Win an Attack match.   

Beyond the stars – Win a game of Galactic Assault.   

Choose your way – Defeat 50 enemies while marked in Heroes and Villains.   

Heavy is the hand – Win a game of Heroes and Villains.   

Royalty – Complete the quest "Royalty".   

to the ashes – Complete the mission "To the Ashes".   

X-wing versus TIE fighter – In the campaign, destroy 8 starfighters in the sky over Jakku.

dark forces – In the campaign, use the droid to electrocute 3 enemies at once. 

Balance – In the campaign, eliminate 5 enemies at a time using the Bombardment.   

master of deception – In the campaign, eliminate a scout with a melee attack with Iden.   

Outbound flight – Win a Starfighter Assault match.   

A good job – Complete 25 multiplayer milestones.   

There has been an awakening – Reach rank 25.   

The Interceptor – Get 20 kill streaks as an interceptor.   

Complete your training – Complete all unique combat scenarios.   

Electric attack – Be the first to eliminate an enemy in a multiplayer game.   

Do it or do not – Play with all the heroes.   

A galaxy at war – Win a game in each multiplayer mode.   

We are the spark – Defeat 500 enemies playing as a hero on any multiplayer map.   

Discoveries – Complete the "Discoveries" mission.   

The Force is very intense in him – Reach rank 50.