Cheats The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube, Wii, Wii U

All Zelda Twilight Princess collectibles, Heart Pieces, Wraith Souls, Golden Bugs, Stamps

Join Link and Midna to save Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Arrows and Infinite Bombs Trick

We leave you this video with a glitch to obtain infinite arrows and bombs.



All Stamps HD Version

In the Wii U version we can find some collectibles that only appear in this version, there are 50 stamps that we will have to collect. We leave you a video with the location of all of them.


All Howling Stones

Throughout the game we will find some stones that we can only activate with Link-Wolf, By activating each one we will get a new secret ability. In total there are 6 and we will get the skills "Coup de Grace", "Shield Attack", "Back Slash", "Heelbreaker", "Lightning Slash", "Flying Greatsword", "Great Circular Attack". We leave you a video with the location of all of them in the indicated order.



Heart Pieces

Total There are 45 heart pieces scattered throughout the Twilight Princess map.For every 5 pieces we find we will get one more heart for our health bar, we leave you some videos to find them all. 














Golden Bugs

There are 24 Golden Bugs scattered throughout Hyrule., 12 couples with their male and female, each couple is located in the same area of the map. We leave you 2 videos to find the 24 Golden Bugs without problems.




All Ghost Souls

In the Hyrule Citadel we find ourselves at a character named Giovanni, is turned into a statue of Gold with his cat due to a curse, to free him we have to collect 60 specters, after collecting 20 will give us a Bottle and after meeting the 60 will give us 200 rupees every time we talk to him. The ghosts are usually in caves or dungeons but there are some that are outside (these can only be found at night), To hunt them you have to be turned into a wolf and use "perceive", When we see them we attack until we capture them. We leave you some videos with the location of the 60s. In the Latoan region and in the Twilight Palace there are no Ghost Souls.











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