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Accompany Corovo and Emily through the city of Karnaca in Dishonored 2.

Powers of the protagonists

Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the plague that hit the city of Dunwall. The main protagonists are Corvo Attano, former bodyguard and Emily Kaldwin, the daughter of the Empress of Dunwall. The location of the game places us in Karnaca, a fictional city in Europe infested by a new plague transmitted by flying insects. Below we leave you with the powers of each of the protagonists in this new adventure.

Corvo's Powers

  • Wink: Simple teleportation.
  • Slow: Stop or slow down time.
  • Dark Vision: Allows Corvo to see through walls.
  • Ravenous Attack: Corvo summons a pack of rats to attack nearby enemies and destroy them.
  • Possession: Allows Corvo to possess both animals and humans.
  • Chain Possession: Allows Corvo to perform one possession after another, jumping between different enemies or animals.

Emily's Powers

  • Domino: Emily can link two or more enemies to the same destination.
  • Great Reach: Gives Emily the power of transportation.
  • Hypnosis: Emily leaves enemies in a state of hypnosis.
  • Shadow Step: Devastating dark power.
  • Ghostly Double: Emily creates a copy of herself to distract enemies.
  • Dark Vision: It is seen that she learned it from her father and Emily can also see through walls.
  • Transposition: Exchange your position with that of the ghostly double.



Imperial seal – Get your seal back.

The jewel of the south – Arrive at Karnaca. 

The beast within – Take care of Dr. Alexandria Hypatia.  

labyrinthine mind – Find Anton Sokolov in the mechanical mansion.  

One night in 1849 – Visit the past.  

spirit theft – Take hold of Delilah's soul.  

Down with the duke – Eliminate Duke Luca Abele.  

The greatest gift – Save the last known member of your family.  

Years ago, in another time – Listen to Meagan Foster's story.  

Occult workshop – Create 10 bone talismans.  

Fatal reorientation – Kill an enemy with his own bullet.  

Whispers of the heart – Use the Heart to hear the secrets of 40 different people.  

Unscrupulous – Eliminate 20 unsuspecting enemies.  

Acrobat – Eliminate 10 enemies with Deadly Fall.  

Lovers - Use Dominoes to link 2 characters, just before one killed the other.  

Songs of Serkonos – Discover 2 musical duos in Karnaca, and listen to their songs.  

sliding handle – Get a headshot while sliding.  

royal spy chief – Examine all of the diaries and audiographs of Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov from Dreadful Wale.  

Freedom of expression – Save the printer from Dunwall Courier.

Morbid theft – Steal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard.

Execution status – Prevents the Senior Guard from pushing a citizen into the electric arc.

fearless fall – Drop from the highest point of Addermire, eliminating an enemy with your fall.

The place of the three deaths – Kill Paolo three times.  

Silence – Eliminate Jindosh without him realizing your presence.  

Echoes of the Oracle – Listen to the voices of the sisters that make up the order of the oracle.

Pack until the end – Ally yourself with the Pack in the Dustbin.  

Fidelity to the Abbey – Ally yourself with the deans in the Tolvanera.  

Eureka – Solve the Jindosh lock without finding the solution elsewhere.  

Under the table – Steal Stilton's master key from under the table with the guards conscious and without alerting.  

Flooded basement – Drain the water and recover the rune.  

Deterioration – Discover the hidden passage on the balcony.  

Arbor – Pay tribute to Jessamine one last time.  

Where there is trust it is disgusting – He steals from Galvani several times.      

Alternative approach – Complete a mission without casualties.  

Steal from the black market – Rob a black market store.

instant sega – Eliminate 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds.  

Life cycle – Cast Possession once, chaining human, hound, rat, fish, and blood fly.  

Ghostly – Complete a mission without being seen.  

Memories – Gather all the decorative items for the Dreadful Wale.  

Excellent financing – Find 60% from the available loot.  

art collector – Get all the collectible paintings.  

mechanics collector – Obtain all the numbered plates of three mechanical soldiers.  

Empire in chaos – Complete the game in High Chaos.      

Shade - Complete the game without being seen.  

Flesh and steel – Complete the game without supernatural powers.  

The royal protector – Finish the game with Corvo Attano.  

The Empress – Finish the game with Emily Kaldwin.  

In good faith – Complete the game in Reduced Chaos.  

Clean hands – Complete the game without killing anyone.


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