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Travel through the Capital Wasteland after leaving Vault 101 and search for clues about your father in Fallout 3.


We leave you a video with the location of the 20 Bigheads to improve our statistics.

The 20 big heads from fallout 3


GOAT Test Questions

List of questions and answers for the GOAT exam at the beginning of the game, we indicate the abilities that each answer provides.

Question 1 – A scientist from the shelter comes to you hysterically and shouts “I'm going to put the Quantum Harmonizer in your photonic resonance chamber!” What do you answer?  

  • “But doctor, wouldn't that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?” Science.
  • "Yeah? Well, yourself with your mechanism!” Conversation.
  • Don't say anything, instead grab a pipe you have on hand and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you know, he was planning to blow up the shelter. Body to body.
  • Instead of answering him, sneak away before the scientist continues his speech. Stealth.  

Question 2 – While practicing at the clinic, a patient stumbles in with a strange infection in his foot. The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor is out for a moment. What are you doing?.  

  • Amputate the foot before the infection spreads. Body to body.
  • Shout out for help. Conversation -Treat the infected area to the best of your ability. Medicine.
  • Hold the patient and just watch the infection spread. Science.  

Question 3 – You find a young man lost in the lower levels of the shelter. He is hungry and scared, but also appears to be in possession of stolen items. What are you doing?.  

  • Hug him and tell him that nothing is going to happen. Conversation -Confiscate the object stolen by force and leave it there punished. Disarmed.
  • Put your hand in his pocket to recover the stolen object and leave him to his fate. Stealth.
  • Take the boy to a safe place and then present him to the supervisor. You will not receive anything.  

Question 4 – Congratulations! You have joined one of the Vault 101 baseball teams. What position do you prefer?  

  • Pitcher. Explosives.
  • Receiver. Big guns.
  • Designated hitter. Body to body.
  • None. You actually wish the shelter had a soccer team. Disarmed.  

Question 5 – Your grandmother invites you to tea, but to your surprise, she gives you a gun and orders you to kill another shelter resident. What are you doing?.  

  • Obey your grandmother and kill the resident. Small Weapons -Offer your most prized possession for the resident's life. Barter.
  • Ask your grandmother for a submachine gun. At the end of the day, you don't want to fail. big guns.
  • Throwing tea in your grandmother's face. Explosives.  

Question 6 – Old Mr. Abernathy has locked himself in the quarters again and orders you to get him out. How do you proceed?  

  • You use a hairpin to open the door lock. Lock pick
  • You get a cherry bomb from a shelter thug and blow up the door. Explosives and Barter
  • You go to the armory, grab a laser gun and blow up the lock. Energy weapons
  • You walk away and let grandpa rot. Repair.  

Question 7 – Oh no! You've been exposed to radiation and a mutant hand has grown out of your stomach! Which is the best treatment?.  

  • A bullet in the brain. Small weapons -Large doses of anti-mutagen agent. Medicine
  • Pray. Hopefully, God will take pity on you and reward you for your faith. Barter
  • Removal of tissue using a precision laser. Energy weapons.  

Question 8 – A fellow resident of Vault 101 is in possession of issue #1 of the Grognak the Barbarian comic. You want it. What is the best way to achieve it?  

  • Trade some of your valuable possessions for the comic. Barter.
  • Steal the comic at gunpoint. Small guns.
  • Enter the resident's room and steal the comic from his desk. Stealth.
  • Put a few drops of sleeping pill in his Nuka Cola and take the comic when he is unconscious. Medicine.  

Question 9 – You decide to have fun by playing a prank on your father. You take advantage of the fact that no one sees you, you go into his bathroom and…  

  • You loosen the screws on a few pipes. When you happen to turn on the taps, the room will flood. Repair
  • You put a firecracker in the bathroom. That's sure to make quite a mess. Explosives
  • You pick the lock on his medicine cabinet and change his hypertension pills to saccharin. Medicine. 
  • -Manipulate the shaver so that it shocks you the next time you shave. Lock pick.  

Question 10 – Who is undoubtedly the most important person in Vault 101, the one who protects us from the harshness of the Atomic Wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?  

  • -The supervisor. 
  • -The supervisor. 
  • -The supervisor. 
  • -The supervisor.   

This question has no impact on skills.

Here we leave you a video to make the try GOAT excellently.

Side quests

Agatha's Song – “Agatha’s House” is North of Megaton and Northeast of the “Ways of Meresty”. 

shoot them in the head – Head to the Underworld, at the History Museum, and talk to Mr. Crowley, which you will find in Carol's house (on the second floor, the door on the right... If you don't see it there, just use the wait and go function). When you talk to him, first try to be friendly and When the opportunity arises, say, “Okay, what's the plan?”

The Nuka Cola Challenge - One has to Go to the town of Girdershade, in the Southwestern corner of the map. And once there Enter the house to talk to Sierra Petrovita.

The Superhuman Gambit – Go to Canterbury Commons, in the most part east of the map and when you arrive you will find a battle between ants and robots. After that, Uncle Roe will come to talk to us automatically, and will explain to us the reason for that peculiar battle between the Mechanist and the Antagonist.. And of course, they will ask you to talk to them to solve it. He will offer you 200 caps, but if you have a sufficient conversation level, you can get 400.

The power of the atom - At the moment of arrival to the Megaton city during the main mission Following in his footsteps, it will talk to you automatically Luke Simms, choose the option “Let's talk about the bomb”. As soon as you can, offer to defuse the bomb and he will offer you 100 caps for doing the job well, although if you have a sufficient level of conversation you can increase that figure up to 500.

The Replicant – Upon entering the laboratory of Rivet City , it should zoom automatically Dr. Zimmer and if you agree to help him, this mission will be activated. After you have accepted it, ask him about the rest of the possible options to give you the optional objective “Find out what Dr. Preston of Rivet City can know about the android.

Those! – You have to address to the town of Grayditch, which is Southeast of Megaton, just south of the Superguay stores. When you are near that place, it should automatically approach you a boy named Bryan Wilks, so when that happens and you talk to him, try to make him calm down, although to do this you will need a sufficient Strength or Conversation skill.

Head of state – You have to go to the Temple of the Union, located to the east and a little north of Minefield. When you approach the entrance of that building it will automatically speak to you Simone Cameron from above, so tell him you're looking for a place to rest and maybe do business. After a while the girl will open the door for you, so Come in and look for Hannibal Hamlin, which should be up stairs. Choose the option “I solemnly swear to protect the Union Temple.” Then ask him about the slaves and why he doesn't let them stay there, followed by “It sounds dangerous. Where is that?". When I tell you about the Lincoln Memorial, offer to get rid of the super mutants if there are any.

The Wasteland Survival Guide - From Megaton's entrance, go up the ramp on the right and go through the door of the Craterside warehouse, of which you will already see the “Supply” sign at the top in the distance. Once inside Talk to Moira Brown and agree to help her with the book to start the mission, which will consist of doing a series of tasks that are asked of you. 

Blood ties – To start this mission you have to talk to Lucy at Moriarty's bar in Megaton. Well, Lucy will ask you to take a message to her family in Arefú, so accept and she will give you a “Sealed Envelope”, as well as the location of Arefú.

Reilly's Rangers – To start this mission we have to find the “Ranger Emergency Frequency” nearly “Pennsylvania Avenue”, Near the metro station “Seward Sq. North, Metro.” When we exit the subway onto Pennsylvania Avenue we open the Pip Boy to try to tune into the Ranger Frequency.

Oasis  The first thing will be to go to the Oasis, a place that gives its name to the mission and which is hidden among the mountains, in the northern part of the map. As soon as you get close it will talk to you the father birch tree. When he tells you to follow him, accept with “Sure, go ahead.” Go through the door to enter the Oasis and when the old man stops, talk to him once more. First ask him what this whole thing about meeting someone is about and where you can find that person. He will tell you that to see him you must go through the purification ceremony, so ask him what the ceremony consists of and he will explain that you just have to drink the sap from the font right there in the pavilion, so finally accept to begin the ceremony. 

problems at home – This mission will be available after you have completed the main quest The Waters of Life. To activate it you have to go to the outskirts of Megaton city, and look for the Vault 101 Emergency Frequency, so enter your inventory to listen to the message from your friend Amata, who tells you that there are problems in the shelter and will give you a note with the new password for the door, activating the mission at this time.

Big problems in Big Town – Big Town you will find it north of shelter 101, a little more South of the Moonlight Open Air Cinemas. It is a kind of abandoned town and although it takes a while to appear marked as Big Town, quiet, that is what it is. In any case, you are supposed to start this mission in several ways, one of them is by talking to Dusty at the entrance. Try to be friendly and by the end of the conversation it will be activated.

Theft of the Declaration of Independence – Head to Rivet City and once inside, follow the signs they post “Capitol Preservation Society” until you reach the plane room where Abraham Washington will be waiting for you. If you don't see him in the room, nothing happens, just go through the door at the bottom and he should be there sleeping. He will tell you about his collection and later He will tell you that he needs the Declaration of Independence, so agree to help him.

Only business Head to Paradise Falls and when you reach the entrance Grouse will automatically speak to you. To let him in you can do so by paying him 500 caps but only if you have a sufficient level of conversation or by completing this mission, for which he agrees to get slaves from him.

Tenpenny Tower – First, to enter the Tenpenny Tower, which is in the Southwest of the map, after you see a ghoul (Roy Phillips) speaking on the telephone next to the door and he leaves when they do not let him in, you speak into the device and to be allowed in you have to say that you have come to see Tenpenny and then either have a sufficient level of Conversation or bribe him with 100 caps.


Refuge 101 Citizenship Award – You have obtained the Pip-Boy 3000 

The GOAT Snitch – You have introduced yourself to the GOAT    

Mower – You have reached level 8 with bad karma  

Mercenary – You have reached level 8 with neutral karma  

Protective – You have reached level 8 with good karma  

Bad joker – You planted a mine or grenade while fleecing someone  

Yes, I play dolls – You have collected 10 Vaul-Tec bobbleheads.  

Flees! – You have completed Run away!  

Following in his footsteps – You have completed Following in His Footsteps.  

Radio Galaxy – You have completed Radio Galaxy  

Scientific activities – You have completed Scientific Activities  

Tranquility Lane – You have completed Tranquility Lane  

The waters of life – You have completed The Waters of Life.  

Following the trail – You have completed Following the Trail.  

Paradise Rescue – You have completed Paradise Rescue.  

Search Garden of Eden – You have completed In Search of the Garden of Eden.  

The American dream – You have completed The American Dream.  

Big problems in Big Town – You have completed Big Trouble in Big Town.  

The Superhuman Gambit – You have completed The Superhuman Gambit.  

Wasteland Survival Guide – You have completed The Wasteland Survival Guide.  

Those! – You have completed Those!.  

The Nuka Cola Challenge – You have completed The Nuka Cola Challenge.  

Head of state – You have completed Head of State.  

The replicant – You have completed The Replicant.  

Blood ties – You have completed Blood Ties.  

Oasis – You have completed Oasis.  

The power of the atom – You have completed The Power of the Atom.  

Tenpenny Tower – You have completed Tenpenny Tower.  

It's just business – You have completed It's Just Business.  

shoot them in the head – You have completed Shoot Them in the Head.  

Theft of the Declaration of Indep. – You have completed Theft of the Declaration of Independence.  

problems at home – You have completed Trouble at Home.  

Agatha's Song – You have completed Agatha's Song.  

Reilly's Rangers – You have completed Reilly's Rangers.  

Omen of war – You have reached level 14 with bad karma.  

Pinnacle of survival – You have reached level 14 with neutral karma.  

ambassador of peace – You have reached level 14 with good karma.  

He doesn't know how to play with friends – You have killed 300 people.  

Beast Killer – You have killed 300 creatures.  

golden beak – You have won 50 conversational challenges.  

computer thief – You have manipulated 50 terminals.  

Keys are for cowards – You have bypassed 50 locks.  

lone explorer – You have discovered 100 places.  

The bigger – You have killed all the super mutant behemoths.

Scourge of humanity – You have reached level 20 with bad karma.  

Paradigm of humanity – You have reached level 20 with neutral karma.  

Last and best human hope – You have reached level 20 with good karma.

Satan – You have reached level 30 with bad karma.  

The common of mortals – You have reached level 30 with neutral karma.  

Messiah – You have reached level 30 with good karma.

Master gunsmith – You have made a custom weapon of each type.  

Director of Vaul-Tec – You have collected 20 Vaul-Tec bobbleheads.

Return it! – You have completed Give it back!  


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