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All the collectibles, tricks, secrets, tameable animals and tips for Far Cry Primal

Travel through Oros and help the Wenja in their war against the Udam and the Izila in Far Cry Primal.

Taming Animals

Something very important in Far Cry Primal is to tame animals to use their characteristics to our advantage, we can use them to hunt, to collect resources, to attack enemies or to move faster.


rare animals

There are 5 rare animals that you can get easily, Wild Dog rare, Black Jaguar rare, Striped Wolf rare, Black Lion rare and Cave Bear. In the video you can see the location of these animals and how to domesticate them.

Farcry Primal | Rare Animals | Location

Hunter's Cache

In very specific areas we will find a red hand, we have to use the hunter's vision to follow the trail and find a Hunter's Cache with rare objects. Their locations are shown in the video.

Far Cry Primal: Hunter's Cache!!


Collectibles in Caves

2 of the Far Cry Primal Collectibles are the cave paintings and Daysha's hands and we find them inside the caves that are spread throughout the map, we leave you some videos with the exploration of the caves and the location of the collectibles.

All Caves Explored 1 of 2 | Far Cry Primal Apex Edition | COLLECTIBLES| FoGames


All Caves Explored 2 of 2 | Far Cry Primal | COLLECTIBLES| FoGames | GAMEPLAY

Spirit Totems

Spirit Totems are important collectibles as they they give us an increase in the experience receivedTherefore, the more we collect, the more benefits we will have, there are 12 in total, We leave you a video to locate them all.

All Spirit Totems | Far Cry Primal Apex Edition | COLLECTIBLES| FoGames | GAMEPLAY


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