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How to fight in Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical role-playing game where we will have to plan our attacks very well to achieve victory. The typical strategy of putting fighters at the front while mages, archers, and healers should always be on further lines works well in this game, so distribute your heroes correctly. Once in combat, remember to use the danger indicator which shows us the range of enemy attacks.

As we fight battles our heroes will gain experience and skill points. If you want your heroes to continue leveling in a balanced way, remember that the character who deals the last blow takes much more experience, so take advantage of this to make your lower level heroes able to level up quickly. On the other hand, skill points are very useful since they will allow our heroes to gain support skills or use better weapons.

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide |#2 Combats


Game Modes

  • The missions of history mode They can be played on Normal, Hard, and Insane, increasing rewards, difficulty, and the amount of energy consumed. 
  • He PvP mode pits you against a machine-controlled version of the player's other team. You will get a reward based on attack and defense, which will allow you to earn some money. You can use it three times a day unless you have Orbs and it only remembers your best score.
  • The special maps They are for special events that allow us, for example, to recruit characters after defeating them in a battle. You can access more difficult versions of the map to get your character to have a higher star value at the start. 
  • The Training Tower It is where you can get resources that allow you to level up your characters. The characters use Fragments to level up from 1 to 19, while from 20 they use Crystals. You can get both items in the Training Tower. You can't buy them, you can only earn them. The system that consists of returning to zero and improving your statistics characteristic of traditional games in the series is also present in this title.
  • There are a good number of monthly challenges which can only be completed five times each to get different rewards.
  • There is a castle-shaped base that you can improve. Each upgrade guarantees permanent experience bonuses for your characters, although it costs Orbs. The Castle also improves visually with these improvements. In the Castle, you can touch the characters to hear various lines of dialogue. This way you can get small rewards.


Skills are techniques that characters can learn, these skills can deal more damage to enemy units and are mostly activated automatically. We can learn these skills by consuming SP (Skill Points). These points are earned by leveling up and defeating enemies. In the training tower we can raise our characters faster.

Weapon Skills – Determines the Power and Range of normal attacks. These are the most used movements of all types.

Passive Skills – There are three types of passive abilities that can be equipped on your character A, B and C. Each Character can only have a total of 3 Passives.

Special abilities – These Fire Emblem skills unleash attacks that are stronger than normal attacks and can range across multiple ranges.

How do you get 5 star heroes?

The stars determine the hero's rarity level. We can either do raise your star level through hero feathers or through flakes and gems in the Training Tower or invoke it and cross our fingers that it works for us. Summon a hero costs 5 orbs. Although if we summon 5 at a time we would pay 4 for each summon and it would cost us 20 in total. So to summon it is always advisable to wait until you have 20 orbs.

Here we leave you a video of how the invocations work.

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide |#1 Summons


We leave you a video with a trick to get 5 Star Heroes.

Fire emblem heroes android trick to get 5 star character


Tier List

Here we leave you a review of the heroes and their situation on the list.

Tier S

These heroes are the best of the best and represent the strongest opportunity you have at competing at high levels in the Arena. These heroes will be difficult to acquire, but if you manage to get them you will find yourself fighting much better than you would without them on your team.

  • Fae (Beast) – A well-rounded hero, Fae has some of the best abilities in the game and should be acquired early to maximize the effectiveness of your team.
  • Hector (Axe) – Hector offers excellent frontline offense and defense against your enemies and has the ability to counterattack with both 1 and 2 tokens.
  • Camilla (Axe) – Camilla has a strong AoE, high speed and can often perform a double attack against her enemies.
  • Linde (Lightning) – With massive damage output as well as light healing abilities, Linde is the perfect combination of attack and healing.
  • Lucina (Sword) – One of the most coveted heroes in the game, Lucina has several strengths, self-healing and anti-Dragon abilities that help her become one of the most rounded heroes available.
  • Leo (Fire) – This mage hero offers excellent mobility, as well as several powerful options for dealing damage to the enemy. It also has a very good attack range.
  • Takumi (Bow) – The only bow hero in the game who can counterattack from just one square away, Takumi is a force to be reckoned with in both ranged and close range combat.
  • Tiki Young (Beast) – One of the strongest hybrid units available within the game, Tiki Young has several outstanding AoE options for attacks and healing attributes for the team.

Tier A

This set of heroes is still good at what they do, but they are not as important to their team as the previous heroes. They offer a ton of well-rounded stats and abilities.

  • Abel (Lance) – This hero offers a considerable amount of potential damage, but his damage chances with each attack are not stable enough to include him in the S-tier list.
  • Azura (Lance) – Another spear-wielding hero that doesn't quite satisfy the S-tier requirements, this unit is very good for offense and even offers some healing abilities, such as the ability to revive fallen allies.
  • Chrom (Sword) – Chrom might be one of the community's favorite heroes, but that doesn't make him the best. With less favorable stats compared to Lucina, Chrom is a great option for when we don't have Lucina. 
  • Cordelia (Lance) – This spear-wielding hero has high damage potential, but a long cooldown on abilities makes it less than vital.
  • Elise (Healer) – One of the best healers in the game, Elise is a very fragile unit that offers a great set of healing skills and abilities to sap opponents' stats.
  • Hinoka (Lance) – Equipped with a very useful AoE speed buff, Hinoka relies on a powerful double auto-debuff attack that only works well in short fights.
  • Jakob (Shuriken) – A unit that utilizes the various strengths of the Ninja class, but is too situational to rely on. 
  • Lilina (Fire) – This hero's low defense makes him unviable in tough fights, but he offers great damage potential that could be useful for some players.
  • Marth (Sword) – Similar to Lucina and Chrom, but offers less useful long-term abilities.
  • Nowi (Beast) – Another solid beast unit, this hero can easily fill in for both Fae and Tiki Young.
  • Ogma (Sword) – A strong frontline unit that will prove useful in the early chapters, but his abilities make this hero more difficult to use in later fights.
  • Robin (Lightning) – This mage requires investment to be useful, but once upgraded he can be considered one of the strongest characters in the game.
  • Roy (Axe) – Although he does not offer the ranged abilities of Hector, Roy can provide good frontline offense and defense, with very strong damage.
  • Ryoma (Sword) – Another powerful frontline hero, he becomes more useful when fighting below 50% health.
  • Tharja (Fire) – This magic user has a higher amount of damage when under any buff, but a low defense rating makes using this hero less viable.
  • Xander (Sword) – Another powerful sword unit, this hero offers a strong set of sword-based skills that can come in handy in battle.

Tier B

The last tier of heroes available in Fire Emblem Heroes, this short list is made up of the most circumstantial heroes. While they can come in handy during battle, they can easily find themselves pushed to their deaths if we make the wrong move.

  • Fall (Sword) – A hero who focuses on advantages. It can be useful in many situations.
  • Effie (Lance) – A good hero for long battles, Effie offers a lot of good auto-buffs that can only reach their full potential in long fights. 
  • Lyn (Sword) – Similar to Ryoma, this hero can be very useful in the right situations. Its biggest weakness is mediocre defense, which almost makes it useless in tough fights.
  • Minerva (Axe) – A hero who should be avoided as much as possible. 
  • Navarre (Sword) – A powerful unit that presents high vulnerability. Useful sometimes, but usually not worth the risk.
  • Peri (Lance) – Another hero who should be avoided as much as possible.