Super Mario Odyssey Guide – Kin Triga, questions and answers

In this section of the Super Mario Odyssey Guide we tell you all the locations of the sphinx Kin Triga and the solution to its puzzles


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Kin Triga is the sphinx that we can find for the first time in the Kingdom of Sands, we meet her in several Kingdoms and she will pose a series of riddles to get Power Moons, give us entry or get a heart. We leave you a list with their locations, their questions and the answers. To begin you have to stand on the pedestal in front of him and press A, which will ask us the riddles giving us 4 answers to choose from.

Kin Triga in the Kingdom of Sands

Super Mario Odyssey - Kin Triga Kingdom Arenas

We will find the Sphinx Kin Triga in the north face of the Ruins of Soltitlán, attached to the wall, just south of the hole left by the great inverted pyramid when it rises, the first time we talk to her she will ask us a riddle to enter her Secret Chamber.

  • Question: That monster (Bowser), a friend of foreign things, craves something that is found in these lands, what is it about?
  • Answer: Ring.

After having accessed the secret chamber of the Kingdom of Sands, if we talk to Kin Triga again, he will ask us 4 riddles that, if we answer them correctly, we will receive an Energy Moon.

  • Question: How many coins are necessary to get on the back of someone who runs and flies, like a gazelle across the sand?
  • Answer: 30.
  • Question: What prevented the passage of the visitor's car from another kingdom?
  • Answer: Ice.
  • Question: How many statues of the majestic running beings that fly through the sand crown the Inverted Pyramid?
  • Answer: 5.
  • Question: What is my name?
  • Answer: Kin Triga.


Kin Triga in the Woodland Kingdom

In the Wooded Kingdom we find Kin Triga north of the Odyssey location, a little further in front of the area where the shops are of this Kingdom, he asks us a riddle but does not give us a power moon as a reward, he simply allows us access to the entire area of the iron mountain complex.

  • Question: What have you come to this kingdom for Bowser's wedding?
  • Answer: Flowers.


Kin Triga in the Riverside Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey - Kin Triga Riverside Kingdom

In this Kingdom we will find Kin Triga in the northern area, right in the middle between the Eastern Ocean Trench and the Western Ocean Trench, is submerged in water, so be careful with our oxygen, the first time we talk to her she asks us a riddle to access her Secret Chamber.

  • Question: Come on tell me, what is the name of this place?
  • Answer: Pulpierre Beach.

After accessing the Secret Chamber in the Riverside Kingdom, if we talk to Kin Triga again, he asks us 4 riddles, once answered we will receive the second Kin Triga Power Moon of this Kingdom.

  • Question: How many sources had the monster (Bowser) sealed?
  • Answer: 4.
  • Question: If we catch a red fish, what action does it take if we shake the Joy Con?
  • Answer: Attack.
  • Question: There is a place in this kingdom that you can only enter if you are dressed appropriately, what do you have to wear?
  • Answer: Tourist Suit.


Kin Triga in the Moon Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey - Kin Triga Moon Kingdom

To find Kin Triga in this kingdom we have to go to the "Silent Wall" stage pennant, just behind the hole that takes us to the lunar caverns we will find the Sphinx ready to ask us one of her riddles and access her Secret Chamber.

  • Question: What flower did the traveler (Mario) offer to the bride (Peach)?
  • Answer: Rocket Flower.

After getting the previous Energy Moon, if we talk to Kin Triga again, he asks us another series of 4 riddles to get another Energy Moon.

  • Question: What animal will you not find in this Kingdom?
  • Answer: Sheep.
  • Question: What type of rock fell on all the Kingdoms?
  • Answer: Lunar.
  • Question: Where is the secret entrance to the Bridal Hall in this Kingdom?
  • Answer: Under the Bell.
  • Question: How have I traveled to this Kingdom?
  • Answer: With a Candle.


Kin Triga in the most hidden face

Super Mario Odyssey - Kin Triga Hidden Face

Kin Triga's feature in the last level of Super Mario Odyssey is for get a heart of energy and make things a little easier for us, we will find it after the area in which we advance through the Ivy, on a large platform to the left. It only asks us a question and once answered, whenever we pass through this area we can collect the energy heart.

  • Question: What is the only Kingdom that Kin Triga has not visited?
  • Answer: Mushroom Kingdom