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All the tricks, secrets, tips, collectibles, unlockables of Horizon Zero Dawn

Accompany Aloy during her journey and discover the truth about the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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The 5 Cells – Secret Armor

To get the Armor that makes us invincible "Shieldweaver outfit", we have to find 5 energy cells, to do this we have to collect the 5 cells and complete the secondary mission "Ancient Arsenal", this mission starts the moment we take any of the 5 cells. We leave you a video with the location of all the cells, we also obtain the "Achieved Shieldweaver" Trophy.

All Banuk Figures

There are 6 Banuk figures that we will have to find and collect throughout the adventure, by doing so we will get 2 trophies First Banuk figure found for collecting the first and All Banuk figures found for collecting all the Banuk figures. We leave you a video with the location of the 6.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Achievement / Trophy All Banuk Figures found

How to level up quickly

The fastest way to gain experience is to complete in-game quests. There are several types of missions that can be completed, like the destruction of bandit camps, the collecting items for villagers, and even the exploration of vast mechanical caves filled with machines called Cauldrons.

The main missions are the ones that give us the most experience, some of the missions as the game progresses grant 6,000 or 7,000 experience. Of course, the main missions will take us longer, so if we make sure to pick up errands and secondary missions along the way, we will get even more experience. Players who want gain experience quickly in Horizon Zero Dawn you must make sure to eliminate all the machines you encounter while traveling. Each enemy you kill rewards you with additional experience, as well as any items the machine may drop. 

The larger the machine, the better the experience Aloy will get from it. While machines like Striders and Watchers can be easy to take down, they don't offer the most resources or experience.. Instead, we suggest machines such as the Stormbird and the Thunderjawnos will cost more but the effort will be rewarded. 

Recommended Skills at the beginning

Below we tell you which skills we should buy first to make our trip easier and above all more productive, there are a lot of skills and these will come in handy to begin our journey through Horizon Zero Dawn.

Silent Attack 

Costing only 1 Skill Point, it can be obtained very early and will make life much easier. Us allows for a fall on small machines and humans, with large machines like the Sawtooth or Thunderjaw, their damage is reduced. 

Hunter reflexes

Another cheap skill, This ability allows us to reduce time by sliding or jumping while aiming with the bow. This can be extremely useful for dealing with Watchers and human enemies, although it won't offer much use later on as we deal with larger enemies.

silent fall

If you want to make stealth a vital part of your game plan, Silent Fall is a must-have skill. As one of the first skills you unlock, makes Aloy's falls and jumps soundless, allowing him to fall behind enemies easily.  

Decoy Call

The classic ability to mislead enemies and make them start searching, is perfect for moving guards when we want to assault an area.

Craft Ammunition 

This skill will allow us to create additional amounts of ammunition For our weapons, this will make resupply much more efficient and easier to do and we will constantly need ammunition.

Hit from below/from above

These skills are mainly used in stealth encounters, They are extremely useful in dealing with sentinels and human patrols. 

Silent Sprint

With this skill unlocked Players will be able to calmly run past their enemies without arousing any suspicion. It is a great skill to farm without entering into continuous combat, this skill costs us a little more to obtain since we will have to buy the previous ones first, but as soon as we can buy it it is a great option to improve Aloy.

Fast Travel / Gold Pack

In order to fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn, we must have discovered Bonfires or Settlements. Once you have discovered these locations, will be marked in green on the World Map, and we can select them, press R2 to scroll quickly. For it we will need Fast Travel Packs, which are special resources that we can buy or receive as a reward in missions. These items are generally not difficult to find. Fast Travel Packs can be purchased from merchants for 2 Metal Shards, 15 Wood, and 1 Meat.. This is the main reason why buying fast travel packs is annoying, as it requires us to constantly need resources to buy them.

Fortunately once we advance in the game We can buy the Golden Fast Travel Pack for 50 Metal Fragments, 1 Fox Skin and 10 Fat Meat. When we can go to Meridian and talk to the Hunter Gods merchant, We can get this pack to travel unlimitedly and save ourselves from buying more Travel Packs.